Paul Mampilly Extreme Fortunes 2018

By EFtrader, January 12, 2018

I don’t know why some of my fellow EF subscribers would want to give out picks for free. Trying to pump and dump the stock on this discussion forum is silly and will not help anyone out! I am willing to sell Paul’s EF picks individually with all his writings and updates on them for just a small price. Legit and no hidden agendas. Just trying to make it a win-win for both parties and no BS. If interested, please feel free to email me EFtrader2017@gmail to discuss.

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Extreme Profits, Fortunes and Momentum all have one thing in common: Paul makes the “real” profits not you. By the time you hear about a stock through his system it has already gone up significantly. He says he is helping out “main street” instead of big “wall street.” He has a massive subscription base and makes a fortune working from home.

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I am so confused by this. You are not going to “pump and dump” a stock by posting it in the Stock Gumshoe discussion… and you selling this information personally is somehow a better answer?

I didn’t read the fine print on my True Momentum or Profits Unlimited subscriptions, but I have to wonder if there was something in there about not sharing information? I’ve done really well with those 2 newsletters, (although not as well as promised/hyped), so I’d hate to lose the service. I’m a buy and hold type of investor for the most part, and I don’t share picks, but I have no problem commenting on them once the picks are shared. I doubt gumshoe has the readership to effect a huge bump in the market price. For that matter, I doubt… Read more »
D collman
you are correct in what you are saying…i gave paul a lot of clients really trusting him but his alerts come to late and i never make it to the winning mark and lost a lot last year and in 2016…there are three stocks i held the whole time that did well FMI. STM. NRG but they have stalled for some time now and FMI went down a lot….stm hit 25.00 and i bought it at 5.15 earlier than paul’s recommendation based on his early video prior to his actual date of recommendation…i wish i had put all of my… Read more »
D collman

i would like all of his momentum stocks program stocks since i dont have those and will trade the ef picks for the momentum picks

Peter Fanuele

Was IMLFF his stock pick on EF?

Paul Mampilly is NOT Paul Mampilly! The true face of Paul Mampilly was revealed when he brought a subordinate assistant to manage two of his services. While I have no prejudice against a novice trying to attain a footing in the highly competitive stocks industry, it is your capital which is at stake here. Not everyone is born to be a money manager, and certainly not everyone has the art and skills necessary to manage other people’s money, particularly when they lack adequate management and communication skills. If Paul Mampilly himself is barely adequate for his job, this subordinate would… Read more »