Paul Mampilly Extreme Fortunes 2018

by EFtrader | January 12, 2018 2:07 am

I don’t know why some of my fellow EF subscribers would want to give out picks for free. Trying to pump and dump the stock on this discussion forum is silly and will not help anyone out! I am willing to sell Paul’s EF picks individually with all his writings and updates on them for just a small price. Legit and no hidden agendas. Just trying to make it a win-win for both parties and no BS. If interested, please feel free to email me EFtrader2017@gmail to discuss.

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    Jan 12 2018, 04:38:11 am

    Extreme Profits, Fortunes and Momentum all have one thing in common: Paul makes the “real” profits not you. By the time you hear about a stock through his system it has already gone up significantly. He says he is helping out “main street” instead of big “wall street.” He has a massive subscription base and makes a fortune working from home.

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      Jan 12 2018, 09:44:23 am

      Yes and no… I think all the EF subscribers have complained enough to Banyan Hill about possible unethical front running, it seems things have gotten better in regards to that. In the past, all his picks spike up 20-30% within 1 hour of his release, but the last pick it never went past 7%. So they are listening, and things are getting better. EF was kind of a disappointment in 2017- it was not anywhere near the 1000% he promised. 2018 will be better because Paul MUST proof himself, otherwise I highly doubt anyone will renew the service! He is a smart guy, I am sure he knows it’s either make it or break it and this is his last shot…..

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    Jan 12 2018, 09:50:20 am

    I been with EF since day 1. Initially, I was crushed because I didn’t under the games Wall st. was playing. The 1st 7 months I lost money big time. The remaining of the year of 2017, I gained all the lost money back to break even. But this year 2018, I am confident I will make money after all the things I learned about EF stocks and the market in general in 2017. Plus, Paul knows he must deliver this year or it is pretty much game over for him and his EF service. So my feeling is 2018 will be a big breakout year for EF.

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    Jan 13 2018, 09:31:18 pm

    I am so confused by this. You are not going to “pump and dump” a stock by posting it in the Stock Gumshoe discussion… and you selling this information personally is somehow a better answer?

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      Jan 13 2018, 10:39:41 pm

      I am selling it to a person for a small price; it’s a win-win situation for both parties; not everyone can afford the $3000 for the subscription. I am not sharing with the WHOLE WORLD for sake of pump it up and dump once everyone gets in. I encourage people to barter and trade something for something. I encourage other EF subscribers to sell the picks too if they wish; other people don’t have to buy it just from me. This is what I posted on the other treads:
      Also, not to defend Banyan Hill Publishing, but there is another reason why they charge $3000 for the service- that is to keep every John and Joe on the street from having access to the information. Some EF subscribers might think they are helping themselves out by giving out the pick in the short run to pump it up, but in the long run, if EVERYONE on the street knows the pick, you are just hurting yourself! Besides, you paid crazy money for it, why would you want to share it with everyone in the world for free?? At least charge for it! Most people on these discussion forums just want it all for free; they wouldn’t even pay to become a member of StockGumShoe, which is only $59 per year! I definitely have a problem with that.:)

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    Jan 14 2018, 09:45:45 am

    All I am saying is nothing is really “for free” in this world. If someone is giving you trading picks for free, you have to question what is their motive. I mean it’s all good if some people can actually figure out the teasers from the clues, but I have a feeling some of the EF subscribers here are just deliberately “leaking” out some of the EF picks hoping for a quick pump and dump, which is plain stupid! Has anyone gotten rich from a quick pump and dump? By sharing the picks with the world, you are just hurting yourself and other EF subscribers in the long run. By publicly announcing the picks on an open discussion forum, it will never reach its full potential; we will never get 1000% return! Why would you want to give them to lurkers and freeloaders for nothing?? That’s why I encourage EF subscribers to barter with other non-subscribers in exchange for something if they want in. It’s an expensive subscription and not everyone can afford it or willing to pay for it. Which is fine, but they have to give something back in return. I believe in fair trading. Help others, but also help yourself out too. Make it a win-win situation for both parties.
    Personally, besides money, I am willing and more than happy to share EF trades with others in exchange for True Momentum picks, Peak Velocity or Pure Income trades.

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    Jan 22 2018, 05:29:37 pm

    On a different note to my fellow EF subscribers out there, I think Banyan Hill has gotten really sneaky with their possible “front runners activity” with the EF stocks. Not sure if everyone knew, but Paul supposedly released an announced “Special Report” pick after the market closed on Friday 1/19/18, so that stock didn’t spike at all that day. But if you look further back, that stock actually spiked 30-40% already the day before on 1/18/18! So my guess is they loaded themselves big time on with the stock and when everyone goes in to buy, they will sell. I was surprised to see that the stock continued to climbed today! Regardless, I think all the subscribers need to write to them, question them and complain again!:) In the past, the stock would spike like an HOUR BEFORE release, now it’s the DAY BEFORE. They have gotten smarter…..

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    Jan 24 2018, 06:38:11 am

    I didn’t read the fine print on my True Momentum or Profits Unlimited subscriptions, but I have to wonder if there was something in there about not sharing information? I’ve done really well with those 2 newsletters, (although not as well as promised/hyped), so I’d hate to lose the service. I’m a buy and hold type of investor for the most part, and I don’t share picks, but I have no problem commenting on them once the picks are shared. I doubt gumshoe has the readership to effect a huge bump in the market price. For that matter, I doubt PM’s high-ticket subscriptions have enough members to effect that change either. For the most part, the stocks I’ve bought on his reccomendations have beaten the S&p, not just for the day/week/month, but over the long run. A few have been volatile, but in the aggregate they’ve performed consistently well and there’s no indication of a pump and dump.

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      Jan 24 2018, 06:12:11 pm

      Hi mmatfess,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I enjoyed most of your postings and experiences. However, I would have to respectfully disagree on this. While I strongly discourage subscribers from giving out picks openly on an open public discussion like this, I do encourage people to share trade picks, tips and experiences with each other; it’s a win-win for everyone. Unless you are some big shot or institutional investor, simply just no one has all the money, time and resources to be a subscriber of EVERY PREMIUM services out there. Sharing is the way to go. This is basic economic principle 101.

      Second, I highly doubt there is any fine print about forbidding sharing. Even if there is, how can they prevent and stop people from doing it behind closed doors? We live in a free country, people can do whatever they want. Publishers want your money. They are trying to sell you their the product and earn your business, they are more worried about losing you- not the other way around!

      I have been with EF since day 1 and I was a TM member even before they launched! I didn’t stay with TM before because I was not impressed with the performance at all! Now they are doing a little better. (FYI, besides EF, currently I have full access to the current TM service as well). It’s all good that you don’t like to share, and I totally respect that. But there are people out there who believe in win-win situations.

      I don’t know what the volume base is for this site or the kind of impact it has on the picks, but I wouldn’t discount power of Travis and all the gummies here!:) Speak up guys! And I definitely would have to disagree that the EF subscribers can not cause the volatility. Have you seen how every EF stocks have traded since day 1 like I have? The last one was a prefect example of a pump and dump. On 1/18/18, it went up like 40%. On 1/19/18, it was clam because the pick was not disclosed until after the market closed on Friday. On 1/22/18 Monday, the stock continued to rise because all the EF subscribers went in and brought. On 1/23/18, it tanked and it continued to drop today. You mean to tell me ALL this was just a coincidence and had nothing to do with EF and the subscribers??

      I invest not only to make money, but also because I love the game and I love to win. I want my mind to be stimulated. And that’s why I am here on StockGumShoe’s open discussion forums.:) Thanks Travis and all the gummies out there. Love you guys and love this site.

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      D collman
      Mar 21 2018, 03:58:00 am

      you are correct in what you are saying…i gave paul a lot of clients really trusting him but his alerts come to late and i never make it to the winning mark and lost a lot last year and in 2016…there are three stocks i held the whole time that did well FMI. STM. NRG but they have stalled for some time now and FMI went down a lot….stm hit 25.00 and i bought it at 5.15 earlier than paul’s recommendation based on his early video prior to his actual date of recommendation…i wish i had put all of my money on that one stock..because it is a no brainer…he promised up to 8000 percent gains…so far we have a long way to go…it is heading up again so it may continue but I doubt it will make it by 2020 like he stated in his video…if it does i will be so thankful…i am also thankful for FMI…and precision medicine found cancer in a famiy medicine so i am a believer in it…and it caught it early so now there will just be yearly colonoscopies for us all…lol…its not a big deal…i did my firs one wide awake with no meds…i watched the whole procedure on the montor…so folks dont be afraid…it is no big deal…and i am due for my next one…why am i telling you all of this…because i hope i save one of your lives!!!

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    Mar 3 2018, 09:04:03 pm

    Does anyone have any experience or feedback with the 2 new premium services that Banyan Hill is promoting: namely Ian King’s Crypto Profit Trading and Matt Badiali’s Front Line Profits? Both promise over 1,000% return and of course again no refunds are allowed. Would love to hear what others think or if anyone actually subscribes to them. I have Extreme Fortunes and a few other services that I will be more than happy to share and exchange. If interested, please feel free to email me to discuss.

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    D collman
    Mar 21 2018, 03:49:21 am

    i would like all of his momentum stocks program stocks since i dont have those and will trade the ef picks for the momentum picks

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    Jun 4 2018, 05:39:06 pm

    Paul Mampilly is NOT Paul Mampilly!

    The true face of Paul Mampilly was revealed when he brought a subordinate assistant to manage two of his services. While I have no prejudice against a novice trying to attain a footing in the highly competitive stocks industry, it is your capital which is at stake here. Not everyone is born to be a money manager, and certainly not everyone has the art and skills necessary to manage other people’s money, particularly when they lack adequate management and communication skills. If Paul Mampilly himself is barely adequate for his job, this subordinate would require a decade of managerial experience to be trusted. He was managing Paul Mampilly’s Options service, and with his 4-5 initial trades obliterated 80% of my capital. Needless to say, even if he manages to have some gains possibly no one would benefit from them. I assume that practically no one is following his recommendations. If he reduces your capital from $10K to $2K, then to recuperate that you need to have 500% gains in a row of subsequent trades. A practical impossibility. As you may lose the remainder of your capital also, you would perhaps never go back to his recommendations, even if he achieves 10 baggers, which is obviously not the case.

    To add insult to injury, Paul Mampilly has made this guy the manager of his newest service, his $10 Million Portfolio, another possible scam in a string of unsuccessful portfolios. A ray of hope appeared earlier this year when Rick Pendergraft joined to manage this Portfolio, but it soon fizzled as he left the service within weeks (possibly because he discovered stuff not to his liking). Since then, this subordinate has been asked to manage this portfolio also. Buyer beware!

    There seems to be a very definite difference between this guy’s and Paul Mampilly’s trade strategies. All you will hear from this fellow is “buy this, sell that; sell this buy that.” At least that’s the impression he has left on me. Out of the goodness of his heart, Paul Mampilly is trying to promote this guy. Yet he’s doing it at your expense and at the cost of your capital. It seems now this guy has silently been managing all of Paul Mampilly’s portfolios. So when you have a string of orders to buy or to sell, they are most likely coming from this fellow. Unless Paul Mampilly fires this guy and assumes full practical responsibility for his services, there may not be a way of assessing his true merits. The buy recommendations are extremely poorly researched. The sell recommendations are often made haphazardly. It is one thing to make a mistake or two or three as a money manager, and another to make 50 mistakes, causing the obliteration of 50% of the client’s initial capital. I don’t know of any money manager more than half of whose trade recommendations are utter disasters.

    Again, buyer beware!!!

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      Oct 22 2018, 08:26:02 pm

      thanks for this post. I was looking at the new Rapid Profit Trader for buying and selling options… Now I am a little reserved to go ahead. I have 2 of Paul’s services and I do like his company analysis. I think he is a little short on technical entries and exits. But I have been using his stock picks to be a basis for my options picks. And then with the options I look to enter a buy on a strong dip. I set limit orders to get out. I made 4x my money in 7 months last year and I wrote Paul and said why don’t you offer an options service on your stock picks. This new service promises 40x your money in one year. I have no idea how you can say that – it is rather extreme for a service to say that. So needless to say I am nervous to buy it because I never take trades exactly as recommended. I don’t assume they know better than me. Money management is key and solid companies with solid entry exit plan. Still I might just continue what I have already done and not try to make the big bucks. Seems unrealistic. I also hate that they add up their wins in order to claim their success %. But clearly the success % is an average of all their wins. It’s deceptive marketing that I don’t like. and now I am concerned someone other than Paul is making too many decisions. Hmmmmmmm

  10. 88 |
    Jun 19 2018, 01:39:48 pm

    Well, it’s about time. Paul finally hit something big for EF and TM.
    I, along with a few like minded individuals have formed a small group where we share all the pricey, premium subscriptions. We also discuss trades, share ideas, experiences and give feedbacks on what we learned as we conquer the stock market. Currently, we have access to almost every single “premium” subscriptions out there. The only 2 we are missing is the 10 Million dollar portfolio and the Rapid Profit Trader. If anyone has these subscriptions and would like to join our “Dream Team” group, please let me know.
    Thanks and happy trading!

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