written by reader Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018

By hendrixnuzzles, January 31, 2018

2017 was a year of tremendous accomplishment for Clean Teq Holdings in every respect.

We saw remarkable achievements in mine construction, in finance, and in market development, with landmark contracts in every business segment;

We saw a complex business appear as if by magic, including business offices on four continents, and the launch of business website in the water division;

We were informed of superb existing and newly-formed strategic partnerships,
with the likes of Airbus, Peng-Xin Mining, Chinese state and power entities, Chinalco, and Multotec;

We were witness to a major off-take agreement with a leading battery manufacture;

We learned of an astute acquisition of a controlling interest in a VRB business by Mr. Friedland;

We learned of deep and valuable research and development support at prestigious universities and manufacturers;
and we became sure of unseen low-cost manufacturing contacts and alliances.

And oh-by-the-way, we got a listing on the TSX.

The company inspires confidence and optimism. Robert Friedland has a deep long-term strategy, and he knows what he is doing.
I am not sure what is more impressive: His strategic vision, or his managerial talent in executing it.

Clean Teq is a company that is worth following. It is by far my largest position.
There are a lot of companies with good concepts. But Clean Teq has a deep and brilliant strategic concept which is at the heart of major world trends; a revolutionary technology; and a management that executes flawlessly.

1. CLEAN TEQ HOLDINGS, CLEAN TEQ WATER, and their interests, or related companies.

2. Miners and producers of COBALT, VANADIUM, SCANDIUM; also nickel, zinc, graphite, lithium, rare earths, silica, and manganese.

3. WATER PURIFICATION, especially when tied into mineral extraction therefrom.

4. “TECHNO MINERS” and other innovators in mining and material extraction

See notes below on thread and topic overlaps, which are unavoidable.
One year ago this week, I wrote an article on Clean Teq Holdings. It was a speculative company, but
one with a visionary and proven leader, dramatic potential in specific, attractive commodities,
innovative methods and IP for mineral extraction, and big ambitions in water purification.

Clean Teq Holdings defied easy categorization, and continues to do so.
One year later, Clean Teq has not disappointed. Clean Teq has exceeded all reasonable expectations.
If you need background on Clean Teq, I refer you to the predecessor of this thread: “Scandium, Cobalt,
and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings”, where you will also find the guidelines and rules for this
thread; and to the Clean Teq and Clean Teq Water websites, which warrant close examination.

This thread is for those who believe in the coming EV wave, light weighting of transport, and most importantly,
in the importance of energy storage and batteries of all scales;
and also, it is for those who believe that the disruptions caused thereby will be rapid.

Because of this opinion, it follows that the existing viable battery technologies and the materials needed
for them are important. We anticipate rapid change; we subscribe to the Tony Seba “Disruption Scenario”,
that suggests disruptiv changes are occuring faster.
If you disagree with the Disruption Scenario, or the eventual proliferation of EVs,
that is fine; but please do not debate it on this thread. The thread is for those who believe in the future of battery power,
and in the immediate opporunities in commodities related to batteries and energy storage.
We will be able to see in shortly whether we are right or wrong in this belief.
If it takes longer than we think, we will complain about ”being early.”

My perspective is for the next five years. That is “long term”. This is not a trading thread.
Occasionally short-term opportunities are appropriate to call out,
but short-term trading is not the emphasis here.

On the other hand should restrain ourselves from too much attention
to developments and materials for technologies that are likely to take longer than five years to have an impact.
We are looking for investable ideas, not 10 year forecasts on the Future of Civilization.
So let’s keep it down on hydrogen fuel cells and molten salt batteries for a couple of months.
Our assumption is that Li-NCM, VRB’s, and zinc batteries are going to be the main battery formats purchased,
installed or contracted for in the near-term, hence the commodities needed for them are of interest.

New battery technologies are better discussed on the #batteries thread ,
unless they involve a vertical commodity/battery producer.
We are interested in what is going to have an impact in five years.

For example, if you are convinced that Google is about to conquer the world with a molten salt battery,
then come on over here and recommend Morton Salt as a buy-out candidate.

But debate whether molten salt batteries have a future, and when, on the #batteries thread.

News that shows increasing penetration on solar are relevant,
as they confirm the importance of large-scale energy storage.
But we would like to know who is getting the contracts and what type of battery they are using.

There is going to be some unavoidable overlap. Nickel and manganese sources are swing metals,
sometimes they may be better discussed on the Hard Asset thread as base metals.

If you make a post on the wrong thread, don’t worry too much, there are
no fines or jail time. I do it myself all the time and I understand it can be confusing.
You can also use Travis’ new cross-reference gizmo.

Long $CTEQF $CLQ Clean Teq Holdings

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August 7, 2018 10:05 am

$FLC:AU lp
First sale of water filtration in US. Check out partnering company in link.
Could be a big sale.



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👍 1039
August 7, 2018 12:32 pm

Holy volatility Batman. I took a pretty aggressive position with Cellcube Energy Storage Systems [CECBF] a few weeks ago, a vanadium redox flow battery play, and it almost immediately started gyrating 10-15% a day, mostly down. I had already purchased it close to its 52 week low, and for a company that is so advanced in a market that is set to dramatically grow, it was like, whats going on here. Anyway, the company addressed the stock volatility in a statement today, which included a nice summary of the frenetic activity going on with the company on a development level. Considering they already announced they are spinning off their Vanadium mine, with investors of record receiving a share of the news public company for every 2 shares held of CECBF, [with a september date looming], and considering the present price relative to its history, and the ambitions of the company, looks like a screaming buy to me. here’s the release: CellCube Provides Corporate Update, Comments on Unusual Trading ActivityFont size: A | A | A
11:50 AM ET 8/7/18 | Dow Jones
TORONTO, Aug. 7, 2018 /CNW/ – CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. (“CellCube” or the “Company”) (CSE: CUBE) (OTCQB: CECBF) (Frankfurt 01X) is pleased to announce the following update to its shareholders and the broader investment community.

The Company continues to successfully execute its strategy of providing innovative grid scale energy storage solutions and related products and services to companies, utilities and other customers around the globe. CellCube is one of the most advanced and proven large scale energy storage systems utilizing leading vanadium flow battery technology.

Several leading independent research firms are forecasting rapid growth in energy storage. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s research, storage markets are estimated to reach 40 GW by 2030, and are estimated to spend over $100 billion in the ramp-up phase over the same time period. According to Navigant Research, the grid-connected energy storage market is expected to grow 44 per cent annually with the market size reaching $18-billion (U.S.) by 2024.

CellCube believes that the energy storage industry is on the verge of a tipping point to mass deployment. To-date, vanadium flow batteries (VFBs) have proven to be a leading method of grid scale energy storage. Management strongly believes CellCube is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for VFBs worldwide to help meet the world’s rapidly growing energy storage needs and to be part of the solution to address global warming and advance the transition away from fossil fuels toward greater reliance on renewable energy sources.

2018 Highlights:

— Acquisition of Gildermeister Energy Storage GmbH assets. Gildemeister has

been one of the world’s first and largest researchers, developers,

manufacturers and distributors of vanadium flow batteries(“VFBs”). As

industry leaders, they installed 130 VFBs on sites around the world.

Several of its VFBs have nearly 10 years of operating history, and have

proven to be extremely robust. CellCube’s VFBs are used for a variety of

purposes including grid storage; microgrids; off grid storage for solar

and wind power; diesel power replacement; back-up power systems; farming

applications; electrical vehicle charging stations; industrial plants and

office building applications; and emergency power sources.

— Appointment of Mr. Mike Neylan as CEO of CellCube. Mr. Neylan has over 20

years of extensive financial, legal and international corporate

experience. Most recently, he was a portfolio manager in the private

equity division of Sprott Inc. (“Sprott”), a leading alternative

investment manager with over $11 billion in assets under management,

where he was primarily responsible for establishing Sprott Asia. While at

Sprott, he helped raise over $500 million of institutional investment

capital from China and Korea and executed over $300 million of

investments predominantly in the resource and renewable power sectors.

Sprott, and certain investment entities managed by Sprott, have also

invested in CellCube.

— Appointment of Mr. Stefan Schauss as President of CellCube. Mr. Schauss

has over 20 years of sales and business development experience worldwide

with a focus in recent years on utility scale energy storage. He has

extensive experience in marketing and sales of VFBs, the leading battery

for large scale stationary energy storage. Stefan has worked extensively

in both Europe and North America. He has a MSc. Physics from University

Mainz, Germany with a concentration in physical chemistry and


— Purchase of Jet Power & Control Systems Ltd. (renamed EnerCube Switchgear

Systems Inc.). EnerCube is one of Western Canada’s largest independently

owned switchgear manufacturers providing custom and turnkey solutions.

The Corporation provides complimentary products and services to CellCube

and will continue to provide innovative and high-quality products such

as: Arc Resistant and Metal Clad Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, VFD’s

and inverters to heavy power users, pipelines, refineries, manufacturers,

municipalities and infrastructure providers.

— Appointment of Mr. Brian Ricker as President & CEO of EnerCube Switchgear

Systems Inc. Mr. Ricker brings over 30 years of business experience in

the electrical industry, including 15 years in senior management roles.

He recently left Eaton Corporation (a multinational power management

company) where he was responsible for managing domestic and international

projects in the engineered equipment space.

— CellCube announced its intention to spin-out its 100% owned vanadium

project, the Bisoni MacKay and Bisoni Rio in Nevada, USA, into a newly

formed entity, V23 Resource Corp., which is to be publicly listed.

Vanadium prices have increased over 320% since January 2017 with V2O5

prices now approximately US $19 per pound. Vanadium, widely used as an

alloy to strengthen steel and in vanadium flow batteries for the energy

storage industry, is the best performing battery metal over this time

period surpassing cobalt, copper and nickel. CellCube will retain 19.9%

and certain off-take rights. Shareholders of record will receive one

share of V23 Resource Corp. for every two shares of CellCube held by

CellCube shareholders. The spin-out and the record date are expected to

occur in September 2018.

— First product shipment of CellCube VFB to Germany. The Company shipped

its first energy storage system to the German municipal utility

Gelsenwasser for their EnerPrax project.

— Shipment of 2 VFBs to New York. The Company announced that the first of

two CellCube energy storage systems was installed at O’Connell Electric

in Victor, New York. The battery will be part of a micro-grid solar plus

storage system to maximize the use of energy and lower costs by 30-40%.

— CellCube further announced the purchase of a 10% stake in Braggawatt

Energy Inc., a FinTech platform for financing North America’s C&I and

non-profit solar projects. The companies have agreed to co-develop

financial solutions for energy storage projects that will accelerate the

global rollout of CellCube VFBs.

While CellCube does not normally comment on market activity or market rumours, the Company believes it is appropriate to issue the following remarks in light of the unusual activity related to its common shares.

CellCube reiterates that neither the prospects for the energy storage industry nor the fundamentals of its business have changed since the acquisition of the Gildemeister assets. The Company is aware of no material events that would contribute to the unusual trading activity.

“We continue to execute our growth strategy, and our business is progressing as expected,” commented Mike Neylan, CEO. “We are very encouraged by the interest shown in CellCube by institutional investors and clean energy companies in both North America and Europe.”

The Company also states that several officers and directors have been buying shares in the open market over the past several weeks.

About CellCube:

CellCube’s acquisition of the assets of Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH has transformed CellCube and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Enerox GmbH, into a leading integrated resource and energy storage company. Together with the company’s recent acquisition of Jet Power & Control Systems Ltd. (now renamed EnerCube Switchgear Systems Inc.) and Hillcroft Consulting Ltd. (renamed PowerHaz Energy Mobile Solutions Inc.) and its investment in Braggawatt Energy Inc., CellCube is gearing up to deliver fully vertically integrated energy storage solutions to utilities and independent power producers for both stand-alone energy storage projects as well as projects where energy storage enhances the value proposition from renewable energy generation.

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👍 964
August 7, 2018 1:35 pm
Reply to  renbycage

Been down this path ounce already with Cellcube. American Vanadium Corp licensed Cellcube from Glidemiester. 3-5 years ago. They had Cellcube battery UL approved and they were installed in the New York Metropolitan office. Glidemiester IIRC has 200 batteries installed worl wide. If you follow PV mag artyicles I post in the storage column; https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2016/07/microblog-storage-of-electricity-batteries-big-image/comment-page-13/#comment-4986393 , Li-ion battery is the choice for battery farms. Technically the vanadium flow battery is superior for grid storage, longer life can be charged/discharged at the same time. What ever the reason, I’ve not seen a good one yet, vanadium flow batteries are not being installed in quantity. I’m one of the new hires has a trick up their sleeve to turn things around but there is no indication of that yet. In fact their web page has deteriorated to next to nothing, I would not be eager to dump more into them.

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👍 3670
August 7, 2018 1:56 pm
Reply to  Griffin

Thanks Griffin for turning me on to that thread. I’ve been dying to get hooked up with more information, I’m admittedly thin with the background insight I usually require before throwing my money into something. The recharge capacity with vanadium flow batteries to me distinguishes it, and gives it a niche. I’m trying to flow with the energy revolution, and could use a bit of a recharge on my bottom line, as this year has been much more challenging.

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👍 964
August 7, 2018 2:20 pm
Reply to  renbycage

The PV mag covers a wide breath of what is going on wit the grid and renewables. On occasion there is something worth IMO investing. I have positions in $REMX, $EVSI, $RGSE, $ESNC. Tkae a look at todays article “32% tandem cell solar still competitive at triple the price”

👍 3670
August 8, 2018 1:07 am

Clean Teq (CLQ.TO)

This is the Latest from Katusa Research, looks like they have given up on this company..

We are removing Clean Teq from our watchlist.

Management were confident in their expected capital costs on the project. However, the current study delivered a significant increase to the expected capital cost, thus making the project much less desirable.

Investment Recommendation: Cancel all buy under orders for Clean Teq.

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👍 205
August 8, 2018 5:30 am
Reply to  jerome50

So many of my Canadian/Oz mining shares are hemorrhaging. I can only assume this sell off is FEAR re Trumps battle with China/Canada/EU/etc. The big dog is no longer just snarling at individual countries, its isolating itself and trying to face down a unified world pack. Yesterday the EU told its exporters to ignore US threats and carry on trading with Iraq as normal. Maybe this is Trumps game?……to bring manufacturing back to the US and make it more self sufficient? But who will they sell to if there’s tit for tat sanctions? Supplying the home market is great but it does nothing to pay down their existing humongous debts.
We all assumed (?) that China would fund CLQ mine build, but Im now thinking they will drag their feet until they’re sure they can sell the EV’s to someone.
Renby recently said he could see CLQ’s sp practically halving from here. Im beginning to think he’s right. But its a dangerous binary game coz if China does stump up on decent terms (when was China ever decent?) , the price could double overnight.
I own too many shares to take the loss blithely, but I own too many shares to see them halve again. Torn!

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👍 213
August 8, 2018 8:57 am