written by reader Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018

By hendrixnuzzles, January 31, 2018

2017 was a year of tremendous accomplishment for Clean Teq Holdings in every respect.

We saw remarkable achievements in mine construction, in finance, and in market development, with landmark contracts in every business segment;

We saw a complex business appear as if by magic, including business offices on four continents, and the launch of business website in the water division;

We were informed of superb existing and newly-formed strategic partnerships,
with the likes of Airbus, Peng-Xin Mining, Chinese state and power entities, Chinalco, and Multotec;

We were witness to a major off-take agreement with a leading battery manufacture;

We learned of an astute acquisition of a controlling interest in a VRB business by Mr. Friedland;

We learned of deep and valuable research and development support at prestigious universities and manufacturers;
and we became sure of unseen low-cost manufacturing contacts and alliances.

And oh-by-the-way, we got a listing on the TSX.

The company inspires confidence and optimism. Robert Friedland has a deep long-term strategy, and he knows what he is doing.
I am not sure what is more impressive: His strategic vision, or his managerial talent in executing it.

Clean Teq is a company that is worth following. It is by far my largest position.
There are a lot of companies with good concepts. But Clean Teq has a deep and brilliant strategic concept which is at the heart of major world trends; a revolutionary technology; and a management that executes flawlessly.

1. CLEAN TEQ HOLDINGS, CLEAN TEQ WATER, and their interests, or related companies.

2. Miners and producers of COBALT, VANADIUM, SCANDIUM; also nickel, zinc, graphite, lithium, rare earths, silica, and manganese.

3. WATER PURIFICATION, especially when tied into mineral extraction therefrom.

4. “TECHNO MINERS” and other innovators in mining and material extraction

See notes below on thread and topic overlaps, which are unavoidable.
One year ago this week, I wrote an article on Clean Teq Holdings. It was a speculative company, but
one with a visionary and proven leader, dramatic potential in specific, attractive commodities,
innovative methods and IP for mineral extraction, and big ambitions in water purification.

Clean Teq Holdings defied easy categorization, and continues to do so.
One year later, Clean Teq has not disappointed. Clean Teq has exceeded all reasonable expectations.
If you need background on Clean Teq, I refer you to the predecessor of this thread: “Scandium, Cobalt,
and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings”, where you will also find the guidelines and rules for this
thread; and to the Clean Teq and Clean Teq Water websites, which warrant close examination.

This thread is for those who believe in the coming EV wave, light weighting of transport, and most importantly,
in the importance of energy storage and batteries of all scales;
and also, it is for those who believe that the disruptions caused thereby will be rapid.

Because of this opinion, it follows that the existing viable battery technologies and the materials needed
for them are important. We anticipate rapid change; we subscribe to the Tony Seba “Disruption Scenario”,
that suggests disruptiv changes are occuring faster.
If you disagree with the Disruption Scenario, or the eventual proliferation of EVs,
that is fine; but please do not debate it on this thread. The thread is for those who believe in the future of battery power,
and in the immediate opporunities in commodities related to batteries and energy storage.
We will be able to see in shortly whether we are right or wrong in this belief.
If it takes longer than we think, we will complain about ”being early.”

My perspective is for the next five years. That is “long term”. This is not a trading thread.
Occasionally short-term opportunities are appropriate to call out,
but short-term trading is not the emphasis here.

On the other hand should restrain ourselves from too much attention
to developments and materials for technologies that are likely to take longer than five years to have an impact.
We are looking for investable ideas, not 10 year forecasts on the Future of Civilization.
So let’s keep it down on hydrogen fuel cells and molten salt batteries for a couple of months.
Our assumption is that Li-NCM, VRB’s, and zinc batteries are going to be the main battery formats purchased,
installed or contracted for in the near-term, hence the commodities needed for them are of interest.

New battery technologies are better discussed on the #batteries thread ,
unless they involve a vertical commodity/battery producer.
We are interested in what is going to have an impact in five years.

For example, if you are convinced that Google is about to conquer the world with a molten salt battery,
then come on over here and recommend Morton Salt as a buy-out candidate.

But debate whether molten salt batteries have a future, and when, on the #batteries thread.

News that shows increasing penetration on solar are relevant,
as they confirm the importance of large-scale energy storage.
But we would like to know who is getting the contracts and what type of battery they are using.

There is going to be some unavoidable overlap. Nickel and manganese sources are swing metals,
sometimes they may be better discussed on the Hard Asset thread as base metals.

If you make a post on the wrong thread, don’t worry too much, there are
no fines or jail time. I do it myself all the time and I understand it can be confusing.
You can also use Travis’ new cross-reference gizmo.

Long $CTEQF $CLQ Clean Teq Holdings

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October 4, 2018 8:39 pm

Welcome back Hn: everyone should be or get acquainted with their home country political issues…..it has been quite the past two months on both sides of our borders (eh)!

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October 4, 2018 8:44 pm

Welcome back hn!

Unpredictable about sums it up and that’s one thing no one needs.

The USA/China situation is disruptive, let’s hope it’s resolved.

A trade war is not what business wants, nor investors here.

Simplistic view perhaps….

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secret squirrel
secret squirrel
October 5, 2018 7:31 am


Clean TeQ Water expands technology platform through acquisition of bacterial immobilization technology, production lines and patents

Long CLQ

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October 5, 2018 7:33 am


Clean TeQ Water expands technology platform through acquisition of bacterial immobilization technology, production lines and patents

Long CLQ

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👍 9960
October 5, 2018 10:32 pm
Reply to  hendrixnuzzles

If you study the long term trajectory for the companies that have turned out “GREAT” today – Microsoft, Apple and the ilk they all share long spells of little price movement, occasional surges and occasional drops. It’s hard to imagine any investor buying in on day one and holding until today. Conviction is always sorely tested.

Clean TQ has lots of interesting attributes. It could be that it is great company in formation. Those of us who have bought into the vision need continued reason to believe that we are just in one of those perplexing and disappointing periods.

I think it boils down to the integrity of Mr. Friedland and his management team. As I remember, the last private placement was at $.80. That was theoretically for “friends and family”. Despite aversion to “averaging down” the current share price under $.40 presents a tempting scenario for a “True Believer”.

So HN – please restart the news and information cycle. It would be nice to see the price inch up a little just to give us encouragement that we’re not owners of dead money for the next several years.

Thanks for your research and enthusiasm. Here’s hoping that Clean TQ is truly a great company in formation.

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October 6, 2018 9:00 am
Reply to  hendrixnuzzles

HN, great to see your posts again. A few years back, I think I took a similar (online) pilgrimage – although I doubt mine was to the level of yours!.

I think there may have been 1, possibly 2 serious skeptics . But, it is always good to hear from them to help confirm/re-confirm the reason(s) we chose Clean Teq in the first place, and evaluate anything that may have changed since then. As the price dropped more recently, I kept Renby’s .35-.37 price target in mind, hoping to be in a position to take advantage. When it did, I looked at adding to Ivanhoe, but decided to wait for more favorable political conditions. So, I added to my existing CleanTeq – in the range Renby spoke of. Thanks to you both!

I sort of view CleanTeq as an Octopus. While there currently may not be 8 different opportunities, there are likely more than just the water, nickle, cobalt, and scandium. Who knows what may be in the pipeline that can add to either the bottom line.

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