written by reader 42,000 MPG on Kent Moors’ “OBL” -really…??

By paulinoz, February 11, 2018

Hello Travis and all in Gumshoedom..
Travis–thank you for your hard work and entertaining and sage advice over the years–I have enjoyed it immensely and will continue to do so–so don’t ever retire -ok?..
I’ve paused the latest Kent Moor’s audio teaser–I was suffering from fatigue counting my millions I am about to make as soon as he actually TELLS me what this little stock is that’s about to ”go vertical.”
Actually I know I’ll only have to stump up a few hundred or thousand or whatever the current market tolerance is for a ”newsletter”–and THEN I’ll be told…
It’s almost hilarious the claims that are made with some terms which seem to have been invented by the Simpsons scriptwriters..well it appealed to my sense of humor anyway.
As ever there is probably a few grains of truth mixed in with the not-so-true stuff, but I can’t for the life of me think of where the two areas start and end (or overlap)
Naturally the US is about to become totally independent of any outside energy sources–and we lucky subscribers are all about to become totally financially independent.
Does anyone know which $1.50 stock he is teasing?
Travis–really, this one is right up your alley. I haven’t ever heard of such wild claims (and Ive heard some beauties) bundled together in one pitch for years–probably not since the last ”run your car on tap water” scam.
Please pour this into the Thinkolator –and also let us less scientifically minded folk know if any of the terms (e.g. Stellar something or other –which results in the formation of fluffy crystals which would be second only to nuclear fusion in energy density)
All the best

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