Smith Micro Software (SMSI)

by George | April 28, 2018 11:23 am

Mark Gomes also offers free stock analysis and collaboration:[1]

Smith Micro Software is working on a deal with Sprint for a parental control app called Safe and Found. If successful, Mark says SMSI will multiply many times:[2]

And Sprint and T-Mobile may be merging:[3]

Disclosure: Long SMSI


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  1. 15 |
    Dec 14 2018, 11:43:31 pm

    I still own it too. Bought most of mine last March between $1.50 and $2, and represents about half of my invested assets with the remainder in gold mining stocks. (80%s of my total assets are in real estate so the concentration isn’t as big as it appears). SMSI watchers are expecting an M&A announcement soon. We shall see.

    • 15 |
      Mar 15 2019, 08:19:11 am

      Bullish 2018 4th Q conference call. Management has been conservative for the past few years and today they said they are in the best position in 10 years with strong momentum and accelerating growth. Another phone carrier beyond Sprint coming second quarter with potential for more by 2020. First quarter growth has been double of 4th quarter for their Safe & Found Sprint app.

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