Ask a Stupid Question…

Have an investment-related question, and embarrassed to not know the answer? A question about what the heck Stock Gumshoe does? Today's your lucky day!

Have a question in mind that you think is so dumb you’re embarrassed to ask it?  That’s what we’re here for today!

This bonus post was inspired by a reader who wanted to know “where to ask a dumb question” here on Stock Gumshoe… and while his question was not actually stupid, and I’m happy to see questions pop up in our comment threads anywhere on the site, I thought it would be a great idea to open the floor and be more welcoming for the shy, the embarrassed, or, yes, even the uninformed.

So this is a no-judgement zone… smart people do things we’d call “dumb” all the time: Warren Buffett didn’t invest in Google in 2004, Albert Einstein married his cousin, and I just had to go back and double check that I didn’t call him Alfred Einstein (which I’ve done before, in print).  So if you have that question that you can’t ask your stockbroker or your brother-in-law or Twitter without feeling like a dummy, let ‘er rip by submitting it below.  I’ll be nice… and we might all learn something.

And yes, the SEC is always watching, so I must remind you that I can’t give personal investment advice… but I’ll try to share whatever opinion or answers I can provide to any investment-related question you’ve got, though if we end up with a lot of them it might take me a little while to answer thoughtfully.

So please, let your questions fly using the friendly little comment box below… and thanks for being the best readers in cyberspace!

(I will moderate the discussion just to make sure we don’t get too much profanity or offensive stuff, or personal attacks, but I’ll use a light hand — you can be mean to me if you like, just don’t be mean to any other participants.)



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May 7, 2020 12:42 pm

I have joined so many of these “Show you how to have income so you don’t have to be at the bottom of the barrel, that I am poor because the fees I paid to learn didn’t teach me anything other than the fact that they got rich off of me and others who got taken in. Now I trade with Ben Sturgill, he is not bad at what he does. I can’t always trade his recommendations and he does not always win. However, he gives you enough information for you to make a choice when you do have the funds. I have a small account of under $ 1000.00. But for the rest, I found they if you look deep enough you will find that they are connected and use the same strategies under different names. I wish there was a way to shares these letters and come to some consensuses on what to trade. What I find here is so much comfort that I can’t thank you enough.

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