Friday File: “Anheuser-Busch has their sights on one specific microcap marijuana company.”

Checking up on an Agora pot teaser, plus some Real Money Portfolio updates

Hello, dearest Irregular friends! I’ve been spending part of my day working on our new “Ask A Stupid Question” project, but don’t worry, I wouldn’t forget about my favorite Friday File readers!

So what’s up this week? There are a few minor updates in the Real Money Portfolio that I’ll get to at the end, but nothing big — mostly I’m going to look at a marijuana teaser that lots of you have been asking about.

The teaser pitch in question is from Zachary Scheidt, who has flitted around a bunch of different Agora newsletters over the years — he’s currently helming a service called The Takeover Alert ($1,750/year) and promising that his “M.A.R.K.E.D. Money Signal System” can identify stocks that are primed to be taken over… starting, this time around, with a marijuana stock that he thinks will be bought by Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) — with, to get more ridiculously specific, an announcement of this acquisition coming on or around June 20.

Any caveats we should start with? Well, we could go with the old saying, “don’t buy anything just because you think it’s a takeover target.” I’ve heard that bit of wisdom many times over the years, and it certainly makes sense — buy stocks because you think they have great potential, or are trading at an attractive valuation, not because you think you’re about to get bailed out by a higher bidder. Takeovers are notoriously hard to predict or time.

It would be churlish, I suppose, to note that this ad coincidentally has a 30-Day “Golden Parachute” Refund Guarantee that, for today’s customers, would expire just before June 20… but mostly because that guarantee is without teeth in any event, offering no possibility of a refund but only a “you get credit for some other Agora newsletter” guarantee if you don’t like this one during your first 30 days. Sadly, that’s the case for most of the “premium” newsletters, many of them no longer any kind of refund (by “premium” I mean the upgrade letters you’ll be pitched once you sign up for a $49 newsletter, the premium price newsletters, which cost $1,000 and up… they’re not necessarily “premium performance” letters — I often hear from readers that they don’t find the pricier letters to be any better than the “entry level” publications from the same authors).

And, of course, I’d be remiss if I failed to ...

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