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by marystjohn | May 4, 2018 12:18 am

Does anyone know what Agora Financial Alpha Contracts are? The subscription is $2000.00, no refund. They are also giving you a free HP chrome computer. They send you an Alpha Number that you then enter at your brokerage account and instantly get Thousands of dollars put in your account. Sounds like selling puts, also sounds totally ludicrous. Any ideas what this is about? Thanks Mary

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    May 4 2018, 04:16:59 pm

    Same question as above. I spent an hour listening and don’t know anymore than before. Having lost $5k since Janurary not in mood for a $2000 loss.

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    May 4 2018, 07:22:37 pm

    Gave it a quick listen. Alpha Contract? Never heard of it before and I’ve been in the business for over 40 years. Could be a term to obfuscate while collecting $2000 from people desperate to make money. I’m very suspicious. In any event, I don’t invest in anything that can’t be explained in terms of how much I have to invest and how much is at risk at any given time. I am especially wary of anyone who cherry picks the winners and says nothing about the losers. When in doubt, I believe the old saying: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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    May 5 2018, 12:03:58 am

    I watched the entire Alpha Contract Presentation and did not know any more after the presentation than when I had started, except Agora wanted my $2,000 on a no refund basis, UGH!

    I searched Goog;le to learn what is an Alpha Contract and did not find anything but Agora’s $2,000 claim to fame on my pocketbook!

    Furthermore, if the Alpha Contract was such a great deal and any average Joe or Mary Jane could do it, Agora should have conveniently offered a simple $39″iron-clad” limited 30 or 60 day refundable trial period to experience this bountiful advertised income opportunity.

    In conclusion, it all sounded too easy to be true and overly risky for subscribers ( uh? allowing only… 1,000 subscribers to join, hmmm?
    Many thanks for Stock Gumshoe website.

  4. 22 |
    May 8 2018, 04:42:09 pm

    Now down to $1250. Maybe not getting enough punters.
    Original pitch ‘when the slots are gone, they are gone”
    looks like they are not “gone”
    regards Les.

  5. 59 |
    May 11 2018, 02:35:45 pm

    I called Agora and inquired about this Contract Income Alert. Spoke for 2o minutes with a Ben and then a Kristin.
    They do say the service is buying discounted corporate bonds and said the example they gave made $55k on $35K for one year. They acknowledged that the service had no longterm track record. They recommended you have $40,000 per year to invest.

    They described the nature of Bonds: buy at a discount, get a premium paid to you quarterly or semi-annually, then receive a lump-sum payment at maturity of the bond. They said the amount Zack recommends is priced at $100 per bond. They said you might not hold the bond to maturity.
    I told them I had little money but genuine interest and if they could give me a discount on the advertised price. They said they have a price of $550 quarterly or an annual rate of $1250, but have a one-time lifetime rate of $1750 (advertised at $2000 for lifetime rate.)
    I asked them about the types of companies/bonds, because all examples showed companies with declining price histories. They wouldn’t and couldn’t answer.
    I asked them if I could share it with someone, and they said they just take care of orders, they dont deal with who you choose to share it with……. So if they dont care, how about 10 of us share the lifetime membership?

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    May 13 2018, 03:46:18 pm

    I was just wondering the same thing. When I tried to google some of the things I found, I ran into some links about “repos” and FICC. On I searched for contracts FICC and got a message, “Did you mean FDIC?” uh, no. Of course the thousands of dollars…probably depends on how much you have to invest in the first place.

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    May 13 2018, 03:50:55 pm

    By the way you can buy a brand new 11″ Chromebook computer (which they are giving away with this offer) for less than $200.

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      May 14 2018, 01:25:24 am

      And I doubt that that nominal “freebie” would get sent to me at a discounted lifetime subscription rate of $1750…… I am still curious.

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    May 14 2018, 04:42:42 pm

    Stansberry has a similar service on discounted corporate bonds with good success, but they are straight up about what it is. Stansberry says once you trade bonds, you’ll never medd with stocks again…I agree.

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    alvin lee
    May 23 2018, 05:13:50 pm

    I’d like to know as well. From what I read no investment was necessary but then he said the more you put in the more you could get. Sounds like it too good to be true. This is the second time I’ve seen this. Can anyone shed some light on this.

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    May 29 2018, 11:36:43 pm

    Here is the count,

    Thomas James,


    Danielle Lion

    Howard Phillips

    Alvin Lee






    (me) Barcelonaloca

    Which makes 11…. cheaper!


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      May 30 2018, 09:21:49 pm

      I propose, if everyone has PayPal, you could each send me the $175. But before we do is everyone happy with that arrangement? I will take the first ten receipts from Amazon and then cut it off, and I will then:
      download freebies, copy to Google drive and send to our group;
      forward all correspondences to our group via BCC re this newsletter.
      No guarantees about quality, customer service, or the future on this one; we are just “syndicating risk” as it were.
      Can I give out the password and login to everyone OR would they block us because of multiple IP addresses using the same login/pw? Ideas on that?
      If anyone else is interested, then let me know, as I will take the first ten payments. So pls let us know here.
      Travis, if you are following this, is this OK with you? I assume there is no violation of our terms with you? pls advise.
      Yes, this will be a closed group to protect everyone (except me!)
      Now is the time for comments……

  11. 59 |
    May 31 2018, 05:00:28 am

    Please note, Travis DID respond, in a way, by covering this subject of Junk Bonds, pls read ay 30, 2018 / Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe / Free /
    What the heck are “Alpha Contracts?” Can you really “Lock in $52,000 with just 4 clicks of the mouse?”
    What’s being teased by CONTRACT INCOME ALERT?

    Based on what I read, I am not interested anymore, because I think we have a big, maybe huge, correction within a few years…. (and yes, now is the time to learn about junk bonds so we can buy them even cheaper after a major correction).
    (one lady sent me money via PayPal and I will refund today. I did tell people to wait until I asked Travis, and he seemed to cover my questions….thanks, Travis.)
    If someone else wants to organize and get a group of 10, by all means, go ahead, a poster above gave all the names….
    see barcelonaloca .

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    Dave D
    Jul 4 2018, 04:05:36 pm

    They don’t say that you instantly have money deposited to your account … they say that you have locked in future income … they are telling you which corporate bonds to buy … in the example where they say that you will gain $ 22,000 in future income, you would have to buy about $ 40,000 worth of corporate bonds and that income of
    $ 22,000 would come to you in increments of about $ 2750 per year.

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    Aug 10 2018, 12:32:48 pm

    In its early days, I had the misfortune of paying what is now Agora $5k for promised financial and investing advice. What I got was to be put on the mailing lists of advice-peddling newsletters full of vague promises and limited deliverables, all for a fee of course. A racket from the get-go.

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    Mark Whittaker
    Nov 23 2018, 04:16:03 pm

    why not invest in yourself by gaining credit history and securing a real investment by getting an unsecured business line of credit while exploring the zero interest credit facilities for the first 12 months? If you’re the type to listen to all the noise without them actually telling you, then we’re all victims, but I get things done and I’d never invest in Alpha Contracts “The Beginning of Debt and the contract of immediate first position pay outs inspite of profit loss quarters lol. For more email me or simply put yourself in the way of millions!

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    Andy Deng
    Mar 6 2019, 04:16:45 pm

    It looks like” alpha contract” has many traps and pitfalls. Am I right? It did not tell how much to invest to that $55,000? How soon you can get your gain?

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    May 31 2019, 01:36:43 pm

    Hi Folks! They’re at it again, and yes, no concrete information about 1/ what you’re actually investing in ; 2/ how much you have to invest for how long; 3/ Exit strategy?

    Does anyone know if this is the same as “Freedom Checks?”

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