written by reader The return of Lee Lowell’s Instant Income pitch

by glomerulus | May 31, 2018 10:51 am

I have been getting inundated with emails from Dent Research featuring someone new to Harry Dent’s pantheon, namely Lee Lowell. Thanks to this most wonderful website, I can see that he has been around a while. I allowed myself to see what he was pitching; ”Want to grab an easy $680 in two minutes or less?” Then he goes on with a typical long teaser pitch, replete with testimonials from various people extolling the wonders of his system, and how they are making good money.
I guess I have been reading these thing long enough to spot the subtle semantics in how these teasers are written, because I latched onto this sentence:
”You receive this money from these traders without EVER having to buy a single stock, option or bond.”
It’s because you are SELLING them. I don’t think Travis has to warm up the Thinkolator even a little bit because this sales pitch is obviously for selling far OTM puts.
Having spotted a discussion from 2012 on this website about Lee Lowell, it’s easy to see that he is just doing the same old thing as six years ago, but working for a different camp.

Gee, I would have thought that Harry Dent was above this kind of over-hyped sales pitching, but given my experience with Charles Sizemore’s ”Peak Profits”, in which 6 of the 10 recommended stocks went straight down in the month I started (and the others went up meagerly), and what I read here about Adam O’Dell’s ”Cycle 9” baloney, i guess Harry isn’t. At least I successfully invoked the 30 day money-back guarantee and got my $2495 back from the Sizemore debacle.

What say you, Travis and the community of Irregulars and all others?

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