written by reader Jim Richards predicts IMF takeover with new currency on July 1st

By saint stephen, June 7, 2018

Richards says the global elite will blame Donald for the financial woes of the world and issue a new world currency that will devalue the dollar. As usual,
Richards promises big gains if you follow his advice, by July 1st. Is he pushing gold again or is it another blockchain or cryptocurrency? What is the crypto currency he talks about? Or is gold again?

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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
June 8, 2018 10:03 am

Hard to believe it’s much different than the last few times he has pitched the same thing over the years (others have, too, the conspiracy theories about the SDR are rampant), I last covered it here: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/strategic-intelligence/rickards-and-trumps-dollar-reboot/

And yet, somehow the dollar hasn’t disappeared over the past five years that these threats have been foreseen… and in fact, it’s rising again recently as everyone panics about emerging markets again.

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👍 16221
June 16, 2018 4:24 pm

I have mixed feeling about Rickerts. My sense is that he is one of the many shills rampant on the net. I have nothing against gold and silver, but when his sales agents resign for better opportunities I become suspect.

The timing for the July 1 reset certainly is possible, and the SDR is clearly viable in my mind based on the reading and comments over the last few years.
Re the $? I’ve bought then sold UUP, then bought it back based on my current views and tech analysis. I think the $$ will continue up for a while, although it’s not in any hurry. The July 1 reset? If I had more confidence in Rickert I’d say it was likely, but – bottom line – I don’t. He is good at sensing fear, and clearly fear is rampant for many these days. That said, gold is good to buy at any time! (Especially if one owns none).

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bandit 3
July 13, 2018 9:01 am

Will think about it we’ve only had the world Reserve currency after World War II Britain lost when they were broke we are getting ready to lose it to who who knows IMF very possible the Rothschild still run the banking industry everything is going to go to digital and a crypto-currency of some type probably centralized but I like better

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