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By blueribbon, July 23, 2018

I’m offering you a lifeline here.
By Keith Kohl | Jul. 23, 2018 – Baltimore, MD
If you missed out on the lithium boom, I am so sorry…

Early investors saw huge profits as the demand for lithium-ion batteries exploded onto the commodities scene.

The lithium boom was dubbed one of the greatest investment opportunities of this generation, all thanks to these very special batteries.

These batteries are the lifeblood of our modern technological existence. They power everything from our beloved smartphones and laptops to Tesla’s electric vehicles and even our power grids… not to mention everything in between.

Now, are you feeling sorry to be finding yourself stuck on the sidelines? Kicking yourself for not jumping in when you had the chance?

I know I would be…

But I promise you I’m not here to rub it in your face… Quite the opposite, really.

I’m here to offer you a second chance at making it big on lithium-ion batteries.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with lithium at all. Lithium is old news, anyway.

The world has moved on, and so are we.

I’m telling you, this new opportunity is going to make the lithium boom look like mere pennies in comparison.

Did you know that, despite its surging demand, lithium only makes up an infinitesimal 2% of the lithium-ion battery’s composition by weight?

That’s pretty surprising, right?

On the other hand, this other essential raw material can account for anywhere between 40% and 60% of the entire battery structure!

And this other raw material is at the core of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I want to share with you today.

“Blue gold,” as this strategic material is called, has already seen huge price surges in the past few years.

The only thing is, there’s a slight catch…

As it stands now, approximately two-thirds of the world’s entire “blue gold” supply comes from just one ultimately corrupt country in central Africa, where child labor and hellish working conditions are exploited to the max.

And to top it all off, the United States contributes less than 1% of the world’s total “blue gold” supply.

The good news is that this is all about to change… and for the better.

“Blue gold” demand from batteries alone has tripled in the last five years and is projected to double again by 2020.

However, there simply isn’t enough supply to go around.

Analysts are already predicting a 503% shortfall in the months ahead.

That’s why it is absolutely critical to act now, while there’s still time to do so.

Play it right, and “blue gold” could make you your retirement fortune.

This opportunity could easily turn a $10,000 stake into $500,000 or more!

Now, I’ve been saving the best news for last…

I’ve unearthed this tiny company that’s sitting on $1 billion worth of “blue gold” right here in the United States.

Both Apple and Tesla have sworn to source all of their “blue gold” from North America going forward due to the child labor concerns in the Congo, making this play even more lucrative.

And you can secure shares of this tiny company — right now — for less than $1 a share!

I am sure investors who get in now will hit the mother lode, as “blue gold” takes not only the commodities scene but the entire financial world by storm.

Seriously, I’m offering you a lifeline here…

Most people don’t see second chances like this in their lifetime, so don’t be caught on the sidelines again.

Act now and take this rare chance to bank gains of 500%, 1,000%, or more!

From keith Kohl .
Is he talking about Graphite? More Graphite than Nickel or Cobalt used in battery.

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