written by reader Motley fool teaser anyone know the company?

By Shaun, August 27, 2018

Apple wowed investors recently, crossing a threshold many thought would never happen.
In passing the $1 trillion, Apple became the most successful modern company in the history of the world.
But while the news has been laser focused on Apple’s most recent success, they’re not stopping there.
On September 12, people around the globe are likely to see the new iPhones for the first time ever.
And with over 4.9 billion outstanding shares, there will be a lot of investors watching.
But if you’re an Apple shareholder, or even thinking of buying Apple shares, there is something we think you absolutely need to see.
Since you received this breaking alert, you have a special chance BEFORE that date to get in on the incredible technology present in Apple’s new phones.
Because there is one small company who has one product that Apple CAN’T make itself. And since this small company owns the patents to this technology, every time an iPhone gets sold…this company gets paid.
And so do shareholders of this company.
In the first two quarters of 2018, Apple shipped 24.4 million units.
You don’t have to be a math wiz to get that that’s a lot of money. And it’s going to this small company, which is almost 1/200th the size of Apple.
In fact, this company’s market cap is barely bigger than the total number of Apple shares available!
And if rumo