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by Anonymous Questions | August 6, 2018 4:08 pm

Hi Travis –
I have a thought that you and our fellow irregulars might ponder. Well, to begin with, as everyone knows we all get bombarded with offers to buy this or that
and become wealthy( Ha Ha) Well my idea is this-they will tell us they made this amount or that, and that sounds good , but how realistic is it ? they keep going on and on. Now to lay it all out. Just rec’d one for$3,995 but they are willing to let it go for $1697 .My idea is this-instead of charging us up front,give us one stock that you are promoting-if we see it is a winner,I am sure you will get more responses, and pay you what you are asking or even more.This way you do not have to return
our money, or give us 2 free years,if your plan is not good at the beginning I personally do not want it anyway.However if the stock we rec’d was a winner you will get more takers ( Like try before you buy) results speak loud and clear.Just thinking out loud.

regards to all

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