written by reader Q and Qanon…How will Investments be affected if they are real ?

By hendrixnuzzles, August 3, 2018

The mass media has drawn attention to ”Q”, ”Qanon”, and the ”Qanon conspiracy”.
If ”Q” is real, it will have major investment impact.
This thread is for people who believe Q is a reliable source, and the discusssion is for those who also believe this and are looking for investments that may benefit.
It is not for discussion of whether Q is real or not.

But for those undecided, this is a good article from a reddit post, to start research for you to arrive at an opinion.
”Trying to decide about Q ?

Q for Dummies and Newbies…by a one-month Q “newfag”

Donald Trump cannot rely on the mass media to tell the truth. So “Q” has been created.

Q followers believe that a person or team close to Trump, “Q”, prepares coded and uncoded messages to tell the public what is really happening, and to send messages to his allies, and occasionally to opponents.

These communications appear as posts by Q, on Qanon.pub. The posts convey information or predict future events in general terms , and which can nearly always be confirmed by subsequent events. They are mostly like a light, pointing people where to look.

Q followers also believe that Trump sends or confirms messages with his public actions, that confirm things hinted at in Q posts.

A large number of people do research and speculate on the meaning of the Qanon.pub posts, and Trump’s actions and speeches. These are the Qanons, anonymous researchers who post on reddit, or produce their own independent video presentations. They are the backbone of the Q phenomenon, they work to understand Q’s messages, and spread their ideas with the help of normal readers.

Many of these researchers have studied Q’s messages for extended periods. But there is no one who “speaks for Q” officially…there are only interpretations of publicly available facts.There is no guarantee that any such interpretation is correct. You must decide for yourself.

Q followers do considerable brainstorming; and occasionally get confirmation, correction, or encouragement from Q on Qanon.pub, and occasionally in public speeches.

Over time, the “confirmations” become persuasive to nearly anyone who examines them.

Like thousands of other people, I consider Q to be a credible source, even though the information is often obscure.

The communications are done in an astonishing variety of codes, from very simple to very complicated. At times, no one is unable to fully “decode” the message, and there are disagreements about the meaning of them.

In the end one must decide for oneself whether Q is a credible source, and whether one believes a particular interpretation or signal

BASIC FIRST EXAMPLE…A Baby step The following example is very basic; it may persuade you that “there is something to Q” that is worth looking into. If so, the example will have served its purpose.

BASIC CODE. Many of the messages used by Q use gematria, a code wherein each letter of the alphabet in sequence is assigned a number:


So in gematria, “17” stands for “Q”.


MESSAGES. When Trump wishes to call attention to something or confirm clues given on qanon.pub, he will often do it by the verbal repetition of a number that confirms the clue given on qanon.pub.

The more frequently the number is repeated, the more certain you can be that a message is being sent. In practice, if the number is repeated 2 or 3 times, there is a message, even if we are not always able to understand the message;

So listen to this 51 second excerpt from his speech this week in Florida, and count how many times he mentions “17”, and see if you think it is plausible that Trump is saying, “I am confirming Q as a source you can trust.”


This addresses the very first thing a newcomer must decide:

Is “Q” a source I can trust , even if I cannot fully understand what Q is saying ?

Many other proofs and confirmations of Q’s credibility are available on Qanon.pub, done by Qanons. Some of them are quite complex, and you may find them confusing or far-fetched. I do not understand them all, nor necessarily believe all of them.

Those curious should watch, listen, and decide for themselves.

I am new myself, having followed Q for only a month or two.”

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I see you
I see you
September 27, 2018 1:05 pm

This is a stupid article. You did not give any information on investments. WTF? More fake news? Seriously not cool!

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