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By cmooney67, September 5, 2018

Travis just received a teaser from Michael Robinson about a NanoCrystal Technology that will change the way we use electricity and the small silicon Valley company that is about to explode. Does anyone have any thoughts or insight on this one?

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September 5, 2018 4:11 pm

Sounds like total B S to me. Larry

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September 23, 2018 2:35 am

For anyone who is interested, the company is Energous. The ticker symbol is WATT. The company is legit, but the teasers from Robinson describe it in ways that make it sound totally wacko.

Here’s the general scoop. They have developed/are developing a technology they call WattUp. The big idea is that it charges your gizmos wirelessly. It is being introduced in three stages, which they call near field, mid field and far field. The near field charging platform already has FCC approval. That announcement sent the stock skyrocketing. But it’s a thinly traded stock, so once the initial momentum was over, it drifted like a leaf, slowly falling down, down, down, down, down.

The near field stage is no big deal. That’s basically just contact charging, not really any better than the charging pads we already have from other makers.

The general expectation is that they’ll be announcing FCC approval of the mid field platform in the next eight months or so, and then the far field platform about a year later. The far field is the reason for all the hype. The idea there is that WattUp capable devices could receive charge up to 15 feet away from the transmitter, and the transmitters can be linked/networked just like WiFi routers.

The potential really is impressive. Never mind whether you or I would personally buy the transmitters to charge our own phones. If it becomes a popular feature, every cell phone maker would be looking to include it in all new phones and tablets. Other devices could use it too, such as remote controlled toys, hearing aids, flashlights, TV remote controls, cameras, and generally any device that would involve a relatively low power rechargeable battery.

The three big questions are whether they will succeed in getting the FCC approval for the mid and far field platforms, if the technology will become a big hit if/when they do, and if they can keep enough funding on hand to pull it off.

In the meantime, the stock follows patterns typical of a thinly traded stock – when some newsletter mentions it, it briefly pops. In the absence of news, it gradually drops and drops and drops on low trading volume.

Heads up… Robinson had it in the Nova X portfolio, but it dropped below his stop loss point and he got out. It is NOT part of his portfolio anymore. But he did say he still believes in the company, and also that anyone who got in lower (and didn’t get stopped out) should consider hanging on.

They aren’t making positive earnings yet. They have announced some products that use the near field platform, but it’s hard to see that one ever being enough to make them profitable. Like Tesla, this one’s all about the story – and in this case the big story is getting the far field platform approved and out to market.

They have patents galore, so if/when far field is approved, wireless charging at a distance is probably going to be entirely their show for quite a while. There are only 25 million outstanding shares, and most days the trading volume is less than 500k.

To me, that means the potential pop if/when they announce the FCC approval for mid-field could be massive. The near field announcement sent the stock briefly to around the 35 level. Since then it has fallen back to around 10.

So there you have it. High risk, high reward play. Tech start-up with no earnings yet but a potentially massive upcoming product expected in the next two years or so. It’s up to you to decide whether you believe in the story and the company.

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