Energy, oil and speculation 2018/2019

By lottifab, October 7, 2018

I notice in Travis real money portfolio there is not much weight on energy related stocks, and corresponding speculation (ie. call).

I wonder
– if my statement is correct or just an impression, and what are readers thoughts.
– what is the main reason of that, if there is any.
– and last, if Travis /readers could share some ideas /suggestions on this speculative topic, particularly now that momentum is taking on and lots are riding this trend.

Thanks all.

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I like EGY although it made a big move and kind of got stuck here. It should trade off of Brent. They did hedge about 1 quarters production, but still seem to have good leverage to Brent pricing. The management is looking to expand reserves and should have a solid balance sheet this Q. The PE is stupid low, but its wells are in Africa. Seems like the market likes crap oil companies and this one gets overlooked. Another one I uggghh like is CVIA. Unfortunately I was in the sand biz for years and when Fairmont (frack sand) merged… Read more »
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Hi, I’m a very new irregular but thought I’d join the discussion. I read recently, Trump wants the Saudi’s to pay for their own defense. Maybe he is tired of the US being the unpaid police force of the world. Not to get into politics, but I think I read if we did this, it would remove the requirement of only using dollars to trade/sell oil worldwide aka the Petrodollar. I honestly don’t know if this will drive up the price of oil, or reduce it? I also read Venezuela’s in trouble economically and are big oil exporters. Will this… Read more »
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
The Trumps seem to be pretty closely connected to the Saudi ruling family, not so different than the Bushes in that regard (though it’s a less “friendly” arm of the Saudi family now in power, perhaps). President Trump has spoken about the necessity of selling more arms to Saudi Arabia for economic reasons, and has talked some in other relationships about wanting other longtime allies to take up the cost of defense… but it’s quite hard to discern what’s negotiating talk and what’s a likely trend. The demise of the petrodollar is a gradual thing, I expect, and will probably… Read more »