Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits Newsletter pitch Nov 12, 2018

By steveflick, November 12, 2018

Just listened to Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits newsletter 52minute pitch. Searched Stock Gumshoe, could not find any articles or discussions on this teaser. Sounds similar to Charles Sizemore of Dent Research Peak Profits newsletter, to which I subscribe to. Accelerated Profits regular $5k annual, promo 70% off = $1495. Louis recommending SELL China and Emerging stocks, BUY American small and mid-cap 4-5 he recommends per month, sell in 6-12 months.
Any Gumshoe readers belong to Accelerated Profits, or opinions thereof?
Thank you, steveflick

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I saw the same presentation regarding “5 Elite U.S. Stocks Set to Explode.” The e-mail made it sound like we would get the names of those 5 stocks “In the last hour, legendary investor Louis Navellier released an informative new video presentation, which he’s agreed to allow me to make available for free to subscribers of the InvestorPlace Digest. ” Nope. Yes the presentation is “free”. Still have to buy his Service to get the names. Anyone got an idea on those specific stocks being teased?

Iokepa Aloha
I saw the same presentation and signed up for 2yrs to get the 5 stocks. As a technical analystI I created a watch list for the 5-stocks. Of the 5 there was only one I would buy now which I did, but I will continue to monitor the remaining 4 to see when or if I will buy others. I was also given access “Ultimate Growth Trades” and “High Velocity Trades” which I created 2 additional watch lists. For obvious reasons I will not post the names of the stocks here, but I will post the name and results after… Read more »
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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
He didn’t drop any hints in this particular sales pitch, so the Thinkolator isn’t much help this time around. I expect his high growth picks have probably had a rough six weeks, though if there’s real and sustainable growth in the business the market always eventually comes around to appreciating that… with the key words there being “sustainable” and “eventually,” since picking stocks with one-time growth spurts is a disaster in this kind of market… and even if you find the gems, not many of us have the patience or the stomach to sit through a 60% drop with the… Read more »

The 5 stocks are off their highs as follows:
-33% 07/24/18 high
-32% 09/25/18 high
-30% 10/09/18 high
-6% 11/07/18 high
-34% 10/01/18 high

2 out of the 5 are below their 200 day MA and 4 out of 5 are below their 30 day MA

I bought the stock that is 6% off its high because it had a buy based on my technical analysis the others did not, but I will monitor them to determine when or if I will buy any of the remaining 4.


Navellier highly pitched this announcement and lead you to believe that he was going to provide the names of the 5 stocks for “free” however that never happens.
If any Irregulars have access to this info please post. If your a buyer that would only increase activity on these stocks


Normally Dubious

He’s now down to $699 for a three month Test Drive. (I heard that some banks will create a “credit card number” for customers to use for limited term purchases that cannot be renewed).


I did buy, yesterday, the 2nd of the 5 recommended stocks. This stock is in the Health sector.

i dont know the names of the 5 but, you can go to the navellier growth website, check out the top 3 conservative, mid and aggressive stocks and the top 3 by each of the 8 categories earnings surprise, EPS growth, ROE, CF, etc. (You can also check top 3 by Industry – more work). I guess you will find some of the names there. If you klick on any individual stock you can also see if it is in any of his newsletters as of now and in the past. I have done the below described and have found… Read more »
Benny Kinh

Thanks Rogo. Now that is what I call paying it forward or at least revealing it forward. You rock.

Hi, I have done similar excersize like Rogo. Although slightly different method – thus got also different results. I wouldn’ t be suprise if some of the list are in the portfilio Navalier is pitching. Methodoloty: 1. search components of all small cap [tickers] 2. add all to portfolio grader 3. those that show up are within Navalier reaserch system (more less half of companies) 4. export freom portfolio grader to excel 5. filter with two criteria: Total Score = A and Sales Growth = A Result for small caps: ABMD, DNR, HFC, WEN, AEO, DPZ, FCN, FTNT, SAM Same… Read more »

I listened to Louis Navellier’s presentation and have a couple questions about how legitimate this guy is:
1. Why does he misrepresent what he said by claiming he was “able to turn $100,000 into $1.2 million in about one year.”? He actually stated four $100,000 investments were necessary for that return.
2. How can we be certain that the money-back guarantee is guaranteed?

Normally Dubious

At least the RYAM he ‘finally revealed’ in late September (after lengthy pitch) has had some success. But in the recent pitch he’s still listing NVDA as one of his big success stories…yeah, from 3 years ago maybe. Would like to see list of what he recommended last year that hit it big.


5 Élite U.S. Stocks Set to Explode

Go to Portfolio Grader- You dont hâve to be member
Enter symbol of small cap stocks – look for QUANT.
Score of À. Look at Competitors that are listed.
Enter Competitors ticker symbol, look for QUANT. Score
of A.
MOTLEY FOOL has a new Small Cap ETF. You can use thèse stocks as a starting point. Im sure everyone knows
how to find holdings of an ETF. Thère is overlap between
MFMS ETF and Louis Naviller Portfolio Grader Stock with an A grade.

I hope this helps.