written by reader What’s the Oxford Club’s get rich with dividends? He speaks about a company that he invested $5,000 into and

By backoffice, November 29, 2018

in 3 years time it was paying back $60,000 a year in dividend payments. Is that even possible?

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December 1, 2018 12:11 am

I’ve been jumping around all over the place today starting with “Extreme Dividends” Teaser. So I will just comment on the thoughts that pop into my head regarding The Oxford Club, dividends, REIT’s, anti-aging (longevity), mice and NVS. LOL, this reminds me of past visits to my so-called Primary Physician…all fired long ago…they always charged me more for my office visits because “normal” patients had only one concern. I figured my time was worth as much as their time, so I would bring up several concerns within my allotted time. Since those days, I make my own diagnosis based on internet interviews about vitamins and supplements. Maybe you already know me as being weird, but now, I am beginning to accept and embrace it. Oh, yeah, I already had to change my Irregular handle because of outrageous, unacceptable statements that positively went against the flow. I must hand it to Travis for mailing back my annual fee, in whole, nearly 3-5 months after being an Irregular. However, I cannot be so easily discouraged…I opted for a full year, instead; therefore the check still sits on my cluttered desk, unopened and lost under piles of paper. Now with this out of the way…I will begin.

Oxford Club is one of the BEST. Had I not been so young and dumb, I’d be a millionaire by now. I heard a presentation from the Oxford Club that I knew in my gut that I should have acted on…but I had just made several hundred thousand on shorting most Financials, FNMAE, etc., so I stupidly thought I knew it all…even though I was only following my instincts about the RE Market. And how did I manage to know so much? In those days I still had cable, so then, CNBC conducted those CEO interviews, so I watched and could see that they were ALL LYING through their teeth. I’ll never forget the snarl on Goldman Sach’s CEO, Loyld Blankfine face when he was being questioned by some Congressional investigative panel. It was amazing…he looked just like a DOG – seriously, snarling with anger and contempt that anyone dares question his judgment! So, OK, back to the Oxford Club. Now that I’m not young and dumb, dividends interest me, especially in our very managed market. REITs were a big short mistake I made back in the day…who did not think people would all stop shopping? All at once, as I did. They crushed me; so now I realize many things, as in shopping malls reinvent themselves. Therefore, I respect OxClub is maybe someone’s advice to think twice about and maybe even trust. And the pharma play? Mice? This reminds me of C60…Google that if you are in the dark. Mice are being used for several brain studies that I know of, yielding promising results.
Think of all us baby boomers, generation Xers. None of us are ready to check out. I would live another 100 years if it were my choice, as long as I were healthy and could think. As frustrating and difficult as the world is now…we are unquestionably into a transformational age. Lastly, NVS. I noticed a few days ago that Travis is keen on NVS. Today I looked into why and now I know…looks to me that NVS might be as good as gold for a safety play if nothing else. Sorry for taking up so much space, but there you have it.

I want to join the rest of you who appreciates all the work Travis does for so many. I love Stock Gumshoe more than all newsletters put together because it is absolutely real and useful.

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