Best Teaser Stocks of the Year

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 26, 2018

We have a couple traditions here at Stock Gumshoe… we call out one of the worst teaser stock ideas around Thanksgiving and identify the “Turkey of the Year,” and then, as the year comes to a close and holiday merriment washes all around us, we call attention to the best teaser stocks of the year.

The list is not an impressive one, I’m afraid… things didn’t look all that bad when we were compiling our Turkey of the Year results a little over a month ago, but everything has gotten a little dicier in the market in recent months (we cut off the “Turkey” picks in September or October)… so now we sit with a tracking spreadsheet that shows 31 stocks teased this year that have beaten the market since they were touted (and about 16 of them had absolute positive returns, versus just “better than the market” returns)… and 92 teased that have trailed the market.

That doesn’t change the bottom of the spreadsheet much — we’re still looking at the worst performers being mostly small and flighty stocks like Apricus Biosciences (APRI), Terra Tech (TRTC), Leading Edge Materials (LEMIF), and, of course, the Turkey winner Indivior (INVVY) is still down near the bottom.

But we’re not focusing on that — it’s the end of the year, and the markets are lousy enough that you can find pessimism wherever you look, so now we’re doing our Christmas season tradition: Identifying the best teaser picks of the year.

Mathematically, that’s easy… here’s the top ten from the spreadsheet (as of last Friday):

Date Company Ticker Newsletter Editor Publisher Buy Price Current Price Percent Change Stock vs. S&P
1/4/2018 The Trade Desk TTD Motley Fool Stock Advisor Dave Gardner, Tom Gardner Motley Fool $48.35 $106.55 120.37% 132.34%
3/12/2018 The Trade Desk TTD Motley Fool Stock Advisor Dave Gardner, Tom Gardner Motley Fool $57.95 $106.55 83.87% 96.88%
1/11/2018 Innovative Industrial Properties IIPR Crisis Investing Nick Giambruno Casey Research / Stansberry $30.25 $44.98 48.69% 62.09%
6/27/2018 Eli Lilly LLY Premium $85.49 $109.42