Dave Forest latest push for 118 Tech bEV battery tech in International Speculator

by btb754 | December 23, 2018 5:52 pm

This hit my in basket today pitching a new type of cathode hitting the market soon that will be more efficient than the current designs.
Pitched as a nightmare for Tesla, Ford and others.
Mercedes is in the lead for introducing vehicles with this technology
1-1-8 refers to the ratio of cobalt manganese and nickel sulfate (NiSO4(H2O)6)
Old news
Pitching one little company ….
On June 11 of this year, a $341 billion conglomerate acquired a 19.9% stake in this company. They paid a 43% premium.
The few who invest before the announcement could easily turn $2,500 into $50,000 or more.
and finally:
For a limited time, we’re shaving $1,000 off the price of International Speculator. (down to $1995) from Casey Research

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    Jan 8 2019, 06:56:47 pm

    The” stock” is supposedly for the company that has a huge supply of nickel sulfate ready for access. And nickel sulfate is supposedly the key to the new 10-10-80 formulation for the battery cathode that allegedly will revolutionize the electric battery industry. So I ask the same question that Dave Forest’s article would not reveal: WHAT IS THE COMPANY?

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    Travis Ogle
    Jan 13 2019, 09:04:06 pm

    Batteries utilizing 118 technology will definitely reshape the electric car world. Additionally, they are likely to be just the ticket for use in electric powered boats and commuter type aircraft as well. Air, land and sea, that just about covers it all!

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