written by reader $10 Casino King – Trump’s Magic Money Lever – Dent – John Del Vecchio – Solved?

by david100p | January 24, 2019 5:34 pm

$10 Casino King – Dent – probably solved – Opinion of teased company?
Dent – Hidden Profits
John Del Vecchio
What company is being teased? – lots of clues – Think I’m right?

If you move quickly, you have the chance to make more than $100,000 off a single investment.
You see, by voting to repeal Public Law 102, the Supreme Court has triggered some major changes to the American economy.
An astonishing $400 billion is expected to flow into the casino industry off this single decision.
The next state is set to come aboard as soon as February 1st – get in now to maximize your profits That state is California. The sixth largest economy on the planet.
This company – a casino company – already has a huge team of people working in artificial intelligence (AI).
They’ve just signed an exclusive deal with Open Bet – a company that runs the majority of the mobile betting market in the United Kingdom

November 2018 Scientific Games Completes Acquisition of Don Best
The acquisition follows the successful formation and launch of SG Digital’s Sportsbook Operations service, which provides trading, marketing, and product management services to customers. The Don Best team will provide world-class betting and pricing services along with valuable real-time event data solutions.

with a presence in 14 more states approaching legalized sports-betting, they’re poised to take over… delivering huge revenue growth as they become kings of U.S. mobile sports-betting.
This company has been totally overlooked by the large majority of investors. this company has been through a bankruptcy. It re-structured in late 2017.
In the first quarter of 2018, billionaire investor George Soros – acquired 5% of the $10 Casino King.

Looks like Caesars Entertainment Corp CZR
From Bloomberg February 14, 2018
Soros Emerges From Caesars Casino Bankruptcy With 4.9% Holding
Billionaire George Soros’s family office became one of the top stakeholders in Caesars Entertainment Corp. in the wake of an October bankruptcy court reorganization.
Scientific Games (SGMS), said, “We are excited that Caesars chose Scientific Games’ OpenBet sportsbook technology to provide the company and its players with our advanced, proven sports betting platform..

Feb 17, 2015
Soros Fund Management Llc has a history of taking positions in derivatives of the underlying security (SGMS) in the form of stock options. The firm currently holds 194,600 call options valued at $4,943,000 USD .

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