How to buy pot stock on Canadian Stock Exchange and OTC Stocks?

By sandratbaugh, January 20, 2019

I am totally new to investing. I am 68 years old and my husband recently passed away. I need to make
some money and am willing to take risks in the pot market? Many of the stocks I might want to invest
in can only be purchased OTC or on the Canadian Exchange. Can anyone advise me on where to go to
do this?

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Hi sandrat!
I, just now, joined SG . My story is similiar to yours: I am 74 and need to make money. I have owned stocks B4 but I have little practical experience in buying and selling. I’m going to buy the $59 / yr membership to SG.
My sole investment plan is marijuana related stocks. I have an American company picked out to invest in.
Let me know if you are interested in partnering.

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tin cup

Hello Sandra,
I’m also following the MJ market and the ones I’ve invested in and have now made over 20% are; CGC-TLRY and IIPR. Good Luck! GumShoe is a great membership for only $59.00! He really exposes the BS about the Fake teasers that are only out to make themselves money!!

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Hi Sandra.
I am fairly heavily invested in pot stocks and have been since 2014. Last fall I divested most Canadian focused stocks and started buying USA focused stocks. I bought large positions in TRUL eave, MedMen, Harvest, Acreage, ( my favourite), TGIF, Cura, OH, Cweb, GTII and a few others with my substantial profits. I have a large position still in Namaste that I bought at .18 can. Maybe this will give you a few ideas to ponder and do your own research. I am also retired.

Irregular HI. I am new to investing period and plan to concentrate on POT stocks. I am anticipating the future of USA legalization for retirement. I have been reading non stop for a month now trying to see where I should start. Canopy (A bit high right now for my budget) and Aurora seems like sure wins and from what I read are in a good spot to cross over to US markets. WTER (Alkaline water) Alkaline 88 is another that I am looking at buying immediately. They are a US company and they are already in 47,000 plus retail… Read more »
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TD Ameritrade lets you buy Canadian stocks. They end with an ‘F’ as an extra letter in the ticker symbol. Many trading platforms don’t allow foreign stocks. This is a good one.

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William Freunch

National Institute of Cannabis Investors has a free subscription to Cannabis Profits Daily for those of us who do not wish to become membersbers but, would like some information to get started in the world of cannabis investing. Go here, scroll down, enter your email address….. Look around the website while there.