Jesus Battery

by marcgel | January 17, 2019 12:36 pm

Matt McCall is touting a tiny company that has created a miracle battery that is safe, inexpensive, more powerful, charges super fast, can charge millions of times without degrading, etc. What’s the symbol?

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      Jan 17 2019, 08:35:42 pm

      I agree it is Ionic Materials. Lots of mention of investors in Ionic Materials in articles that come up when searching “Jesus batter, ” including a consortium of auto manufacturers. Most of them seem to be private companies. The only public company I found is Total, a French company that trades on the NYSE (TOT). No idea of the size of their stake in Ionic Materials.

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    Jan 17 2019, 06:30:11 pm

    Tiny company with a breakthrough technology labeled as Quantum Battery which is 1/1000th size of General Motors. Technology that can charge an electric vehicle in 60 seconds for 1,000 miles. And being blogged as the death of ion lithium battery, a forever battery of some sort.

    We just pray and hope our magical StockGumshoe guru can identify this.

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