Sjuggerud’s Melt-up update

by JackInTheBox | January 29, 2019 12:40 pm

We were going back and forth if its smart to bite The Melt-Up portfolio bait.
So fellow #GumshoeCommunity, did you sign up? How are the returns over the past few tumultuous months?

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  1. 41 |
    Feb 3 2019, 08:26:30 am

    Depending on the moment you bought the stock at the end of October/beginning November you could be sligthly positive or neutral but to the “melt-up” scenario is still far away and I believe it would not happen. The best performing is given for free Gluu mobile

  2. Avatar
    Aug 2 2019, 10:00:08 am

    As of 8/2/19 GLUU is down to around 4.7. Did Steve issue a sell recommendation at any point after the melt-up event?

  3. 52 |
    Aug 3 2019, 12:19:02 pm

    I signed up for the meltup portfolio and kept it separate in my Stock Charts groups. It did well for a short time after issue, but has been pretty ordinary over the long haul. I have subscribed to several expensive “services”, and they all suck. Stock Gumshoe is the best going that I know about. My own best results have come from cherry picking good sounding stories from the various internet contributors, researching them, and playing two to three month first out of money options. In short, doing my own thing.

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