The Coming Global Currency Realignment…Gold Standard in the near future ?

By hendrixnuzzles, January 30, 2019

Our host Travis requests as little controversial political discussion as possible, and I have been careful to comply with this.

This restriction has been detrimental to my participation on Stock Gumshoe in recent months because I find the political events unfolding to be more fascinating than the daily changes in my portfolio value, and more of my time has been spent analyzing politics than commodities and mining stocks.

However there is now a strong intersection between my interests in current politics ,and potential investments.

Specifically: GOLD.
Specifically: I believe that Trump will initiate a Global Currency Reset with 15 other countries that will be a GOLD BASED system.

This is not an official announcement…I have made the conclusion from my interpretations of Trump’s public tweets, which I will post in detail as we go along.
The hints from Trump’s tweets are gematric in nature but very obvious. I am not interested in debating gematria, although interpretations of specific Presidential
communications may be of interest.

Like many other developments that have uncertain consequences, the idea of a gold standard is surely worth a discussion…especially since
there now seems to be some circumstantial evidence that such a move is being considered by the President of the United States, and 15 other nations.

I throw open the question about the impact and likelihood of a Global Currency Reset that moves the U.S. to a gold standard.
I will post some additional thoughts and speculations on the subject after this opening post.

Best wishes to everyone.

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17 Comments on " The Coming Global Currency Realignment…Gold Standard in the near future ?"

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Does that signal that the USA, which is probably close to bankrupt from debt, will either devalue the dollar or default as they proceed with this “Global Currency Reset” based on gold?


Hi HN; Is that something that can be established with presidential powers alone or does it have to pass thru ‘roadblock’ Pelosi or ‘mumbles’ McConnell?

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
I find it very hard to imagine the leaders of any substantial country giving up control of their nation’s currency. There’s an appealing logic to gold backing, and certainly the dollar should lose value to hard assets over time since long-term inflation is the only feasible way to service the debt, let alone repay any of it, but I don’t see any catalyst that will make the US give up control of the dollar (or any other large country do the same with their currencies). I would assume something cataclysmic would have to happen first, on a global scale, but… Read more »

Was this all precipitated by the World Bank’s creation of SDR’s or was it the using of a basket of currency and not the dollar as settlement of oil trades ?


Could I ask for an update on Altius here? I’ve been a buyer here around $9. Looking for some insights, guidance