by wryter | January 1, 2019 7:40 pm

IAN COOPER is talking up his Next Superstock newsletter where in he talks about Cybersecurity, Hypersonic Weapons, Unmanned aerial vehicles Superstocks–all trading for less than $10 and all set to explode by at least 1000%. Any idea what stalks he’s talking about Travis?

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  1. 107 |
    Nov 4 2019, 12:45:44 am

    Just received Ian Cooper’s ad (10 months after this post) and am surprised that this reader’s post fell through the cracks unanswered. In fairness, the descriptions for Disruptor Superstocks #1 & #3 (The 5G Innovator and The Microcontoller Masters, respectively) seem too generic to sleuth out.

    However, for Disruptor Superstock #2: The Security Renegades, the specific clues led to info readily available on the internet. It’s Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) which “secured a five-year, $49.5M contract to support a Defense Information Systems Agency program that offers web conferencing and instant messaging services to Department of Defense personnel and mission partners”.

      • 107 |
        Nov 4 2019, 02:57:45 pm

        Actually, I had already read Louis Navellier’s recommendation piece (not a teaser ad) for this stock sometime in mid-October. In it, he quoted Bloomberg’s assessment of BAH as the “world’s most profitable spy organization”. That the stock had a stellar Earnings Rept last week in addition to increasing its dividend is, just IMHO, icing on the cake.

        I’m sharing this info as my way of giving back to those on this site who inquire about a stock now and then but don’t get a response from anyone. By doing my own due diligence, I’ve found a couple of hidden gems along the way.

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