written by reader Why China Is Choosing This Technology Over Tesla by Keith Kohl at Energy and Capital 1/23/19

By sandydog, January 23, 2019

Why China Is Choosing This Technology Over Tesla covers a new process to use Nanogalvanic Aluminum powder for Hydrogen Generation. Discovered by the US Army Research Lab (ARL). I could not find the company working with them as teased in the above title, nor could I find an article by Travis covering this tease. Appeared to me that they (ARL) were looking for a developer for the process. Any ideas?

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July 30, 2019 5:12 pm

In a newer teaser called “Endless Clean Energy” Kohl is talking about a company that “makes the engines” that will make us all rich. And goes on about fuel cells for a bit.

He gives some specifics that should be enough to identify the company if one looks ’em up — Ballard? But the ONLY connection to the rest of the story is very hazy — why would THIS company have an edge over anyone else, other than being “poised”? *Crickets.*

But that’s not the most interesting thing in this story. It’s the new process of producing hydrogen.

Kohl briefly quotes a U.S. Army Research Laboratory discovery team leader Scott Grendahl who in the article in the link below makes some pretty interesting statements like, “What we discovered is a mechanism for a rapid and spontaneous hydrolysis of water.” They accidentally discovered it when pouring water over an aluminum nano material powder and WHOOM. Hydrogen/oxygen and heat come out.

He goes on to mention it is far faster than any other similar process, and doesn’t need a catalyst: “… one kilogram of aluminum powder can produce 220 kilowatts of energy in just three minutes.” That’s a heck of a lot of power, too.

And it’s nearly 100% efficient.


And upon that information the hyperbole of the teaser is built by the newsletter copywriters: “This is hands down one of the biggest energy advancements in human history, like the discovery of gasoline or nuclear power.”

It all sounds encouraging BUT the true potential is not clear how or even whether this can easily be harnessed on a global scale. Obviously it was exciting to the team because they could figure out how THEY could use it to extend military missions by generating energy rather than carrying more batteries. But resupply? And cost for making such nano materials? And are they cheaply reusable? Many questions.

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July 31, 2019 1:42 am

regarding steve’s “Endless Clean Energy” you forgot the part about Microsoft, Apple, Walmart, etc investing billions….these articles are never dated so its only offered for 15 minutes? And then it sits with the clock at 00.00 and will still be sitting there tomorrow if I leave the tab open. Silly. This is the application form:

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