written by reader About to give up on Agora Financial and 7 Figure Publishing…

By msully56, February 27, 2019

Anyone care to share a positive word on this company? Do they really offer any real value, or just a constant stream of expensive programs to sell you with no real substance to back it up? Below is an email I just shot off to their customer service after yet another urgent push to buy into yet another of their programs before it is ”Too late”!! I am almost ashamed to say that I belong to 3 of their services presently… Read on, or have I shared too much!

Email to Brad – the Director of Customer Care:
Don’t take this the wrong way Brad, but I feel if you guys spent half the energy that you expend on trying to sell or up-sell me on your seemingly endless line of programs, and gave me any level of consistent and profitable investment picks on the 3 subscription services that I have already bought and paid for, then I would be way more willing to consider your new promotions. As it is, I probably get a ratio of 10 to 1 new promotions over any stock pics on my current subscriptions, and so far none of those have been all that great – none of those hundreds of percent overnight increases that you like to point out in your promotions. I know you can – and you have – shown me lists and lists of many past fantastic winners, but so far, my subscriptions have delivered very few picks and VERY modest gains on the ones I have received. Maybe its just my luck that I joined during a relatively dry spell, as for example, since joining the Seven Figure Signals program on the 15th, I have yet to receive even ONE pick. Greg said, and I quote,” I aim to send you 3 to 4 of the most powerful trade opportunities every month” so now with about ½ of a month in the program, I should have seen at least one by now – but so far, only a sell order for a stock that was a buy from before I was a member. And for the premium you charge for this service, I am so far very disappointed. And if fact, from all 3 programs that I have already bought into (Technology Profits, Rude Awakening Pro, and now Seven Figure Signals), there has been pitifully little results. So how about this… until I have made back at least what it has already cost be to join your programs, lets not inundate me any further with the next best thing that apparently I am missing out on. It seems as though no matter what programs I buy into, I am always just one more program away from where the really big money is – it honestly feels like a real bait & switch organization. I am still willing to give your service the benefit of the doubt, but that won’t last much longer – this well has about dried up!
With all sincerity – M Sullens

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