About to give up on Agora Financial and 7 Figure Publishing…

by msully56 | February 27, 2019 1:02 pm

Anyone care to share a positive word on this company? Do they really offer any real value, or just a constant stream of expensive programs to sell you with no real substance to back it up? Below is an email I just shot off to their customer service after yet another urgent push to buy into yet another of their programs before it is ”Too late”!! I am almost ashamed to say that I belong to 3 of their services presently… Read on, or have I shared too much!

Email to Brad – the Director of Customer Care:
Don’t take this the wrong way Brad, but I feel if you guys spent half the energy that you expend on trying to sell or up-sell me on your seemingly endless line of programs, and gave me any level of consistent and profitable investment picks on the 3 subscription services that I have already bought and paid for, then I would be way more willing to consider your new promotions. As it is, I probably get a ratio of 10 to 1 new promotions over any stock pics on my current subscriptions, and so far none of those have been all that great – none of those hundreds of percent overnight increases that you like to point out in your promotions. I know you can – and you have – shown me lists and lists of many past fantastic winners, but so far, my subscriptions have delivered very few picks and VERY modest gains on the ones I have received. Maybe its just my luck that I joined during a relatively dry spell, as for example, since joining the Seven Figure Signals program on the 15th, I have yet to receive even ONE pick. Greg said, and I quote,” I aim to send you 3 to 4 of the most powerful trade opportunities every month” so now with about ½ of a month in the program, I should have seen at least one by now – but so far, only a sell order for a stock that was a buy from before I was a member. And for the premium you charge for this service, I am so far very disappointed. And if fact, from all 3 programs that I have already bought into (Technology Profits, Rude Awakening Pro, and now Seven Figure Signals), there has been pitifully little results. So how about this… until I have made back at least what it has already cost be to join your programs, lets not inundate me any further with the next best thing that apparently I am missing out on. It seems as though no matter what programs I buy into, I am always just one more program away from where the really big money is – it honestly feels like a real bait & switch organization. I am still willing to give your service the benefit of the doubt, but that won’t last much longer – this well has about dried up!
With all sincerity – M Sullens

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    Mar 5 2019, 05:01:22 pm

    I signed up for the service that monitors twitter (“SERINA”) and they came in with the same kind of promises, basically doubling your money on ever trade, blah, blah.

    The actual portfolio was up a whopping 15% if you started with 10K and did 1K investments on every buy and sold when they said to. The service costs $3k for two years so the return isn’t even break even without more starting capital AND it has nowhere near the double your money potential.

    It looks for spikes and when they present the data, it looks no different than previous spikes. There’s some human screening going on there which takes all of the machine learning advantages away.

    Not impressed.

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      Mar 20 2019, 09:12:27 pm

      I signed on for the same thing, except that I backed out, so they offered me the option of a non-refundable plan for three months at $550.

      I almost immediately got a suggestion to buy ROKU. I did so. Then about two weeks later, I was told to sell. I did so. Since then, nothing. I made enough on the one piece of advice to pay for my admission to the table, but after an appetizer — nothing else of any substance. All I have seen from them since are orders to sell something I did not have because it preceded my joining. So I guess I made it safely through, but I am very disillusioned now.

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    Mar 6 2019, 02:55:30 pm

    Thank you for your feedback! We love hearing from our subscribers. We also appreciate your interest in our publications.

    We want to address your first question. And the answer is a resounding yes. Agora Financial has some of the best writers and publishers in the business. Our mission is to provide trusted financial advice on many subjects no matter your investing experience.

    If by now you have not heard from Brad directly, please feel free to email affeedback@gmail.com, and we’ll investigate the information you are waiting on. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-800-708-1020.

    We look forward to the opportunity to make your experience with Agora Financial a great one.

    -Agora Financial Customer Service

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    Matt Morris
    Mar 19 2019, 02:26:57 pm

    Mr. Sullens, as a publisher myself I understand both your concerns and also Agora’s business model. I have several of my own trading services, but try not to over-do the promotion. My site is http://mmpublishinginc.net if you’d like to take a look.

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    Bill Thompson
    Mar 26 2019, 05:54:54 pm

    Hi, I just tried to upgrade my buying power with special tickers that Greg insured me was so easy to do. Unfortunately nobody at Schwab had a clue as to what I was referring to. The option 7 Figure gave me is highly volatile. I agree with Mr. Sullens because just this morning they tried to sell me another program, and as of yet I have yet to make a dime. I also am new to their program, retired, and living on a very small fixed income. I don’t think I can afford 7 Figure Publishing.
    Regards, B Thompson

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      Jun 25 2019, 08:06:08 pm

      I got in too and have gotten inundated with several emails a day with the latest and greatest programs. I have learned that their videos are never short and to the point. They keep dangling the carrot out there trying to get you to buy into the next program promising ungodly returns. But I see now that all they are doing is playing on everybody’s hope of winning the lottery. Agora is making a bundle selling us hook, line, and sinker. Beware, Beware !!! I went in figuring that it was too good to be true so I have no one to blame but myself.

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    Allan Jiracek
    Mar 27 2019, 10:34:27 am

    I joined Agora’s marijuana stocks that when it;’s time to buy and what to buy Ray will notify me. I hope I don’t miss anything after seeing all this negative information.

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    Allan Jiracek
    Mar 27 2019, 10:38:47 am

    Can anyone tell me if these Marijuana stocks are good for the upcoming first round?
    And a bonus (MJNA) which I don’t think is going anywhere.

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      Mar 27 2019, 07:23:29 pm

      Concerning TRTC, here is the opinion as of December last year of one of the POT newsletters that I belong to – they got a 1 out of 5 rating:

      “Terra Tech’s vertical integration strategy is ambitious and such ambition requires considerable expertise in various domains. Unfortunately, there is evidence of significant internal control issues and it is not clear from the prior experience of the executive team that it possesses the requisite experience to successfully scale a vertically integrated operation in a highly regulated industry.

      In addition to the demonstrated poor operating expertise, there are several red flags, one being the personal and professional bankruptcies marring the backgrounds of the executive team. Another is the barrage of lawsuits and countersuits between Terra Tech, former employees, joint venture co-owners, and even the landlord of its New Jersey Edible Garden cultivation facility – the lawsuit filed by its landlord alleges failure to pay lease payments. The most recent suit was filed in December 2018 by the co-owner of its Blum dispensary joint-venture. It alleges that Terra Tech stole from its Blum dispensary and improperly audited the joint venture while attempting to remove the co-owner of the venture from their position.

      Yet another, and the most practically concerning, red flag is financing received through a recently issued convertible note with conversion features that could be massively dilutive to existing shareholders.

      These issues make Terra Tech a risky investment at this time. Even if the company’s business plan is successful, it could be that the profits generated will not accrue to current shareholders.”

      And for what it’s worth, here are the number ratings on the others from the same experts:
      MJNA – rating 1 out of 5 – as of Dec 2018
      CARA – rating 3 our of 5 – as of Nov 2018
      XXII – rating 2 our of 5 – as of March 2019
      The above opinions are from a paid subscription service that only covers POT stocks – for a good free resource, check out Seeking Alpha (seekingalpha.com). They have an interesting article covering their top picks for 2019 – Canadian and domestic based companies.

      Of course no one holds the crystal ball on these companies, and it could be anyone’s guess as to who will break out, but there is value in looking at the fundamentals of these companies, and especially the management team. My portfolio has about a dozen POT hopefuls as I try to cover the field, and hope that I have a few winners in there.


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