Chuck Hughes LeaseholdRewards program

by stony01 | February 15, 2019 1:18 pm

Has anyone used this newsletter? If so how are you doing following this system?

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    Feb 23 2019, 09:11:13 pm

    Have not used it, but I’m familiar with Chuck Hughes methodology. I was a former subscriber, buyer of his materials and I’ve used some of his other programs. Across many of his products, he emphasizes deep in-the-money calls in strong, trending stocks. You end up with leveraged positions and it can be very profitable. With LeaseHold, it’s also deep ITM, but he balances those with short options that are near-the-money.

    It all works well until we have a sharp down-draft like December of 2018, February of 2018 or other fast-moving bears. His advice is to close options positions when they move against you by X percentage. A trader has to have the discipline to do that. I’ve not always acted quickly to get out.

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