written by reader EXPERT PREDICTS: For the Third Time Since Our Republic Was Founded… Congress Is About to Invoke Its Powers to Radically Change America…

By Wes, February 28, 2019

I just received more spam from Agora Financial hinting at new legislation that will Federalize the Fed and take us off a debt based fiat currency.

Discussion point 1, I would appreciate informed discussions of pros and cons of abolishing the Fed and putting the authority to create and control US currency back with the Congress as stated in the constitution. My personal thoughts are that the Fed was illegally formed after a well executed Psy-Op in the 1910s but that our Congress was never supposed to be elected directly by the people (but through the elected well informed and intelligent statesmen which there are too few of today) so trying to right the ship after going so far off course is not a viable solution and will most likely make things worse unless we manage to put the original form of government back in place which I don’t see happening.

I digress to discussion point 2, in this article/advertisement the author, Daniel Denning, Mentions something called the Chicago Plan, A Portfolio for America’s New Money, and several other publications that are supposed to provide a blueprint for thriving in the coming years regardless of whether we get rid of the FED of not. Has anyone else bought in to the Bill Bonner Letter and been able to decider any actionable intelligence that identifies specific investments or ways to protect and grow your net worth?

I had bought the Bonner Letter a few years ago and while I did enjoy reading the daily reports when I had time or weekly summary The letters just seemed to be a way to market all of there many special reports and other newsletters that never panned out.

I would appreciate a more informed opinion than mine on The Bill Bonner Letter, Agora Financial, Daniel Denning, and the possible realistic solutions to the surmounting debt crisis that America is headed for.

Thanks in advance!

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