Katusa – “Forever Royalties“.

by MLTanner | February 17, 2019 1:23 pm

Any thoughts on what is being teased here?


  1. https://subscribers.katusaresearch.com/forever-royalties-v2/: https://subscribers.katusaresearch.com/forever-royalties-v2/

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    Feb 18 2019, 11:01:46 pm

    There actually are a few hints – the company is a “back door opportunity” in the natural resource sector, its price is below $2, it is profitable, they have a brand-new technology. I think it has something to do with “Resource Revolution” by Heck & Rogers, also described in McKinsey & Company.

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    Feb 27 2019, 10:40:53 am

    Is it LUC or UEC,
    LUC has it Clara Blockchain and Katusa has been promoting it big time the past year.
    UEC has a big uranium royalty private placement that happened.

    Both companies are under $2 and Katusa pumps them.

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