Straight Line Profits

by flash4000 | February 6, 2019 10:01 pm

Has anyone tapped into Keith Fitz-Gerald’s Straight Line Profits yet?

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    Feb 11 2019, 04:50:35 pm

    Has anybody tried this Straight line profits yet? It sounds too good to be true and the $2400 to join is pretty hard to cough up. Would only be worth it if it performs as advertised which, of course, most of these offers never do.

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    Feb 16 2019, 05:46:51 pm

    I saw this also, He is now saying he is removing this weekend. Sounds like the pressure they all put on. Sure he won’t take my $2,400.00 dollars. What type of fool would turn down money. LOL

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    Feb 26 2019, 10:03:58 pm

    I joined it a while back, and while it has given 3 100% gains in a month, I didn’t have any of those. So for me, it’s sucked, but who knows? Maybe others have been fortunate?

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    Mar 26 2019, 11:28:28 pm

    I have a few other expensive subscriptions from MoneyMap Press. The subscriptions have NEVER made money anywhere even close to what had been advertised. So, although very tempted with Straightline Profits, I am a bit reluctant to jump in. I wouldn’t worry about them closing their window on subscriptions. That is something they said about every one of their products. Keith is one of their better editors. I might join. Maybe later, at some point when I might get to be less careful!

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      Apr 9 2019, 02:48:46 pm

      I, too feel the same way. Keith is a nice enough guy, but I have only made enough back in total net profits to pay off my High Velocity Profits subscription cost……read not a millionaire yet…….

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      SLP Member
      Apr 25 2019, 12:04:38 pm

      VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! Over Promoted/Promised and WAY UNDER DELIVERED!!! Most comments on the member chat board are NOT HAPPY. Stay Away!!

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