What company or companies will own the charging stations for electric batteries for cars

by backoffice | February 18, 2019 11:14 pm

that will need to be built all across the country? thanks Travis

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    Feb 20 2019, 09:20:52 am

    Like large Marijuana growing and sales being eventually owned by Big Tobacco, I think Big Oil will begin placing charge stations. First in the major corridors and interstates, then just like pumps, every station will have a universal charger, available for a fee. Plus while charging they can take advantage of the Restaurant(s), tourist shop(s), etc. My guess as to who will start it up, would be Flying J. They tend to have the space, the traffic, and the capital. Plus for them, its all upside.

    Going to be an interesting decade, with electric mobility moving skyward as power storage condenses. Man, EV’s (above and below), private Space flights, re-newable grid power…Now where did I put those ZPM schematics……

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        Feb 24 2019, 07:02:32 pm

        New Tesla charging stations recently built in Manchester, CT.
        Been driving a Leaf since 2013….the 2018 is much better than the last two (’13/’16)…get 180+ miles to the charge (150-160 in winter). Waiting for the 2020 Nissan Rogue EV, 300+ miles to the charge..now that’s worth buying.
        There is no better feeling than not hearing an engine, never stopping for gas, oil changes, or emissions testing, charge in my garage (220V charger),
        some charging station are free, just have to find them, car tells you where.
        Liquid Charging stations for E cars with liquid batts?…..just another case for The Man trying to make money off of E car owners,……pretty clever of them, liquid batteries..huh!!….Keep your grubby hands off my E-car…or was that Medicare!!

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