$2 pot stock set to double

by in8doc | March 3, 2019 12:52 pm

What is the $2 pot stock mike ward is pushing? Is it emerald?

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  1. 25
    Mar 5 2019, 08:43:32 pm

    I know he and Michael Robinson are pushing Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals – not to be confused with Emerald Health Therapeutics which is the only one of five or six businesses currently public under the Emerald Health brand. Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals is part of the Emerald “group” which I believe is known as “Emerald Health Sciences” however, this business is pre-IPO so any investing at this time is in a private company. Ward’s lure includes us regular Joe’s paying about $5,000 for an annual subscription to their newly-formed Syndicate “Cannabis Venture Syndicate” which will subsequently provide the contact details for investing in E.H. Pharma now. Am impressed with EHP’s claims around their work and it’s potential however, am too skeptical to go this upfront $$$$$ route.

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