written by reader Andy Snyder – Codebreaker Profits. Fantastic Promise ???

By the apprentice, March 6, 2019

Promises at least 80% per day profits – entry fee $2200 (supposed to be $5,0000) offer made from is white brick cellar/war room in deepest Washington. Anyone tested this claim ?
The Apprentice

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March 7, 2019 8:08 pm

Darn it. Too new to have comments yet, I guess.
I just watched his video drama promoting his system. He actually promises at least 89% daily profit.
$2,200.00 is too steep for me.

If this guy can make that kind of money trading, why is he selling systems? hmmm?

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March 8, 2019 3:18 pm

yeah, the technical signals indicated for this codebreaker profits newsletter published by manward press using andy synder’s K.I. channel buy and sell signals sounds promising but wanted to see stockgumshoe’s review before investing that much money in one more subscription. I guess to early to see historic info on this newcomer newsletter.

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Rotex Adegoju
March 9, 2019 7:39 pm

I also got this advert via the Oxford Club. First I was disappointed that the Oxford Club with their reputation will be promoting such but then I remember Andy used to work for them and they all use the same marketing style.
Well, I am not buying it and I do not recommend you buy. Here is why:
a. His research is based on back testing. He is yet to make a cent in real money. Yet, he is making such a claim. You can always tweak your back testing result to look good.
b. Look at the history. Both Andy, Manward and Oxford club are used to such outrageous claim that turns out false and they have been getting away with it. They once did the same with a south African company that they claim has found a way to make gasoline/Petrol not from fossil fuel. I bought in and the stock lost heavily and made nothing. All they did was remove it from their website.
c. What the money back guarantee: He says if you do not make this money, he will give you another year subscription. Is that really a guarantee? It is a fools gold. Andy is going to use options for this strategy. In options, you lose your premium when the trade does not go your way. The question is this: Will you last two years when the trades don’t work? After you have been losing, do you still have the money and the trust to keep following Andy for another year?
I paid 5K to join the VIP elite of the Oxford Club but this kind of falsehood is what they have been selling to us all the while. And unfortunately, they keep getting away with it.
d. For the same signal/call on a specific stock, Andy may make money and you still don’t make it. This is because of the notorious nature of options that is time sensitive. He would have taken the trade before sending out the signal. By the time you receive it, the market may have moved. You may ot get filled etc. So results never match. If you do not live in the US, too bad for you as you may not see signals until you wake.

How about this for a money back guarantee
Invest 10K USD in my system and pay a subscription of 200 USD per month. If you lose money in your first year of Investing through us, I will refund ALL the subscription you pay and the amount your loose subject to a maximum total loss of 10K USD.
To claim this use CODE G200 in the Comment/Message page when you register.
My normal subscription for a 10K investment is 100 USD, am doubling that to balance the risk of money back guarantee that am making.
I set out to setup my investment business because of the many lies I have been seeing on the internet where the innocent suffers.
Some of these are iiinvestments.com that are now closed. the latest one is bluetrading.com that took money from people are now at large.

Gurus who claim to send you signals that you cannot trade. Gurus making claim based on past performance. Gurus who only show their good trades and hide the bad ones.
So what are we doing different at 5Mastery.com.
Here are a few:
1. We connect your trading account to ours, so when we take a trade, it is automatically reflected in yours. So you don’t need to be watching for SMS alert or checking a website. You just relax knowing that you will not miss any trades.
2. We do not trade stocks, we trade currencies. So we are less immune to the US market… we trade the world.
3. We trade what we send to you. We have our own funds invested and we are proud of the money we make for ourselves. It is like having a KROGER able to consume their groceries by themselves and still make money. That is what we can do. We do trade our own funds and hence having clients invest through us is a bonus.
4. We do not hold client funds. We are not money managers who hold your money. No. we don’t. Your money will be with the Forex Broker. We use ICMarkets.com
So how can we guarantee this – because we are good at what we do at what to show that we can help others to become financially free. Because many are afraid, we throw in this guarantee.
What happens if we disappear? Write it on social Media, tell the world what we promised and did not fulfill. It also means we have killed our name, reputation and the family business we have been running for 20 years. So we take this seriously. Can you imagine, one year down the line what we would have proven? Being the first to successfully make such and guarantee and fulfill it. We are more interested in the big price.
Note that this subject to only 100 customers.
We estimate a return of 36% per annum of your initial investment of 10K USD. Yes, it is not 89% a day like Andy promised. But note that this 36% is on your total investment. Not 89% per trade as Andy promised.

So it is your choice if you go with Andy’s guarantee or if you go with us.
At least watch our results we publish it live at http://www.5mastery.com and watch Andy’s results – he never does though, he will only show trades that work and you can make a comparison.

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Bruce Macomber
Bruce Macomber
March 11, 2019 6:36 pm
Reply to  Rotex Adegoju

Rotex – next time you post a windy advertisement, kindly say so at the get go.

March 15, 2019 10:45 am
Reply to  Bruce Macomber

I looked… and I believe he [rodesx] trades are FOREX… In time all small non institution accounts blow-up. Like with the Swiss bank… maneuver if we remember.

March 18, 2019 11:08 am

I’m going to paper trade it on some random stock options to get a feel for it.

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April 24, 2019 2:13 pm

one of the funny things about this ‘promotion’ is you also get a free report of 7 K I Channel stocks to buy immediately — well these stocks are supposed to be big winners in a short amount of time so unless those 7 are updated weekly you are probably too late for that report to be of any benefit. The 89% a day average he says is on his best picks!! Those, in the end will be the ones that average over 89%. If 89% a day profit is too good to be true then it is probably not true. Everybody pushing their bull uses the same format of ad – plus offer freebies and tell you what they are ‘valued’ at (not what they are worth and they determine value) and give you a huge discount and their phony extra year when all you really want is your money back. What are his average daily losses on his losers. What is his risk/reward ratio, and his return on investment? Non of that is what he says he made only what you can make if he is right.

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May 14, 2019 9:27 pm

I just looked at the add also. It sounds too good to be true. Also if you don’t get the results he promises the guarantee is that they give you an additional year of the service. If it doesn’t work, why would you want that? No money back guarantee!