Motley Fool Canada’s Latest – a new industry that will be worth $19.9 TRILLION in just six years

by johncga | March 9, 2019 7:54 am

I’d love to know the Thinkolator’s take on what this new industry is. My inbox this morning had a teaser from Motley Fool Canada with the heading ”Amazon will go bankrupt.” Supposedly Jeff Bezos shocked investors to the core with the alarming statement that ”I predict one day…Amazon will go bankrupt.” Bezos is apparently cashing out $1 billion of Amazon stock every year to invest in a fast-emerging technology he believes will improve every business. Some teasers: (a) A Shark Tank billionaire says it will create the world’s first trillionaire, (b) Elon Musk is part of a $1 billion investment in this technology, (c) Even super investor Warren Buffett says that it’s enormously disruptive and will have a hugely beneficial social effect.

Does anyone have any idea what the dickens they are talking about? Travis, want to take a run at this one?

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    Mar 15 2019, 11:17:38 am

    It’s artificial intelligence. There are big advancements about to happen in the industry. From Self driving cars, to personal digital assistant technology, and much more. As usual, I’m sure if you pull out your credit card and sign up before deadline x they will give you the tickers and you will be a billionaire.

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