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“1 Stock Millionaires” Reveal Their Secret
March 19, 2019January 8, 2019 J.L. Yastine

10,000 Americans are now “one stock millionaires” because they invested in a little-known penny stock that soared 80,962% over time.

Imagine their joy as they watched their gains soar past $100,000, up to $500,000, and then over $1 million.

These folks now have the freedom to retire early, buy a new house, or go on the vacation of their dreams … or do all three, if they choose.

That one penny stock?

It’s none other than Microsoft, and of course these investors had to get in before shares soared from a few cents to over $100.

And while the idea of getting in “before” a big move like this seems impossible – that’s exactly what Paul Mampilly — the Wall Street legend who recommended Microsoft early on – is exceptional at.

It’s why, when he was a hedge fund manager, Barron’s named his $25 billion fund “one of the world’s best” and Kiplinger ranked it in the top 1%.

Now, in a controversial new video, Paul reveals a stock that he believes could follow a similar path. He even shows viewers how they can get in before this stock takes off.

The last time Paul released a video like this, viewers reported making $121,319 … $627,573 … and even $900,000.

But here’s the thing, Paul believes this new opportunity will be bigger than every other recommendation he’s made in his decorated career. As he says in his new video: “This software company is like Microsoft in it’s infancy. It the holds the key to a tech industry primed to grow 77,400%.”

To see the video, simply click the play button below, or go here now.

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