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by jivesa | April 27, 2019 5:14 pm

Dear Reader,
Last night was one of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever given.
And I highly encourage you to check it out for yourself if you missed it.
In it I share my full market forecast — and it’s one that is going to surprise a lot of people.
Because despite the rosy headlines as the market nears record highs, I’m predicting a huge reversal ahead.
Watch it now for the full story… and to learn how to protect your nest egg from the surprising event about to hit the market.
Plus, I’ll give you the name and ticker symbol for my #1 recommended stock right now. I highly doubt you own it… heck, I’ll be surprised if you have ever even heard of it.
But it’s poised for double- or triple-digit gains as it enters a hypergrowth phase.
It’s not too late for you to get all the details.
Just watch the free replay right now.

Louis Navellier
Navellier Growth
P.S. One more thing… I’m not sure how long my publisher will make this full interview available. So take a look before it’s too late.

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