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By moneyvest, April 19, 2019

Don’t know how you have the time for your extensive research. You are the best.
Below is the latest from Paul Mampilly’s office being promoted by Banyon Hill.


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April 19, 2019 6:52 pm

Mampilly to reveal this company on Apr 24 to his most trusted investors:

“By leveraging its business intelligence software, this firm grew across the board into the servers of DHL, T-Mobile, eBay, National Geographic, Traeger and countless others.

In fact, the company has won multiple awards for being the “top” technology in its category.

And it’s paid off in spades.

The company’s revenue has grown 30% year over year … and is expected to jump 188% within the next two years.
Based out of Utah, this company has already received financing from some of the largest institutions in the world — like AIG, Blackrock, Barclays, the Bank of New York Mellon and even the New York State Commission Retirement Fund.

It’s received positive ratings from JMP Securities, Credit Suisse and others.”

Any guesses?

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April 19, 2019 8:49 pm
Reply to  jarat44

My guess is Domo (DOMO). They are headquartered in American Fork, Utah, and their latest year-on-year revenue increase from 108M to 142M matches. Their partnerships with Traeger, DHL, and National Geographic (among others) are currently touted on their web page.

I’m definitely interested if anyone has an opinion on Domo’s software.

#Domo (DOMO)

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April 20, 2019 2:54 pm
Reply to  rookie2294

Whether DOMO is Mampilly’s teased company or not, I found three recent articles (March & April 2019) highly recommending the stock:
1) Jeff Reeves as a contributor to MarketWatch calls it “The Best Small-Cap Cloud Computing Stock”
2) Kevin Cook from Zacks recommends it as one of two “IPO’s from 2018 to buy now”
3) Dresner Advisory Services names it the top-ranked vendor in the cloud-computing/business intelligence sector for the 3rd consecutive year.

DOMO’s stock PX has been in a downslope for about 2 weeks now but with no derogatory explanation as to why. Despite the decline, it’s still up over 29% in the last 3 months. As it is now in the Oversold zone, I am inclined to think there is good buying opportunity here.

I would appreciate a contrarian opinion at this point to make me reconsider opening a position.

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April 19, 2019 8:56 pm
Reply to  jarat44

Is it Domo, computer software company based in American Fork, Utah. It specializes in business intelligence tools and data visualization.

April 20, 2019 2:11 pm
Reply to  jarat44

Mampilly’s advertisement includes the link to a 1.5 hour long video “Revolutionary Wealth Summit”. In the video, the company initially advertised (Utah based business software company) is not referred to at all. Instead the entire video is a plug for joining Extreme Fortunes for $2995 and gaining access to all of Mampilly’s stock recommendations for a year. In the video, 5 more companies are roughly described but none of them relating at all to the one initially framed in the lead in advertisement.
The company that is described in the most detail is “transformative diabetes care” company currently selling under $3/share. It leads industry with a surgically implanted transmitter for glucose level that lasts 90 days compared to earlier ones (by DexCom) that worked for only 14 days. The company has another transmitter waiting for FDA approval that will last 180 days. Other clues: revenue doubled since 2017. Blackrock has invested $26 million; Oppenheimer $8 million.
Mampilly expects the diabetes care company share price to grow by $3000% (+/-) in the year ahead. Like I said, he doesn’t mention the Utah based business intelligence software company again in this video.

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