Mampilly set to release biggest trade rec of year tomorrow (Tues, May 7)

By jarat44, May 6, 2019

Here is partially what he says. Any idea of what stock he is talking about? Is it one that he has pumped in earlier announcements?
Dear Joseph,
I wanted to reach out while there’s still time.
Tomorrow I will be issuing my biggest trade alert of the year (on a $5 stock) for members of The $10 Million Portfolio research service.
And by my math, I believe this trade could reach gains of 5,000% … 10,000% … and even 15,000% in the months and years ahead.
I know that’s a bold claim.
However, the artificial intelligence technology this company has launched is so powerful, it’s changing 25 mega industries from banking to defense to healthcare, industries worth trillions, in a market set to triple over the next few years.
While nothing in the markets is guaranteed, the potential for massive profits here is incredible.
But in order for you to get in on this, you must accept this offer BEFORE this trade recommendation goes live.
That said…
I must hear back from you no later than 11:59 p.m. EDT Tonight.
After that, this offer to join The $10 Million Portfolio will once again be closed and your chance to profit will have passed you by.
I urge you not to miss this life-changing $5 trade.
All you have to do is click this link here for all the details.
Take a moment to review everything you’ll get.
Then make the best decision for yourself.

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10 Comments on " Mampilly set to release biggest trade rec of year tomorrow (Tues, May 7)"

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Thanks Joe. It makes logic sense that India has a huge market to be tapped in. What I don’t know is why WIT stock hasn’t done much in the last 10 years, comparing with the general index. I also hold Fairfax India and that one is also underperforming.

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Joe (jarat44)
I don’t think that WIT (Wipro) is the company that is referred to in this teaser ad. I went back and checked the date of the “alert” that my friend got from Mampilly and it is for May 8, not May 7, the date that the “biggest trade recommendation of the year” was to go out to the $10 Million Portfolio group. It is just strange that a $5 stock in a very similar industry is also recommended the very next day after the day of the big announcement. Here again is the teaser (the graph in the middle of… Read more »
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Randy R.
I’m a member of the Paul Mampilly “Inner Circle” membership and I’m up 30% since joining. I have done exactly what he says to do to be successful and it seems to be working like charm. I happen to listen to every one of his podcasts which there are many of them and frequently sent. There are so many of these offers out there and too many of them sound like used car salesman. However, what attracted me into his membership was that he admittedly said he isn’t perect and will make mistakes but if do it the right way… Read more »
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jarat44 (Joe)
Yes, I can see how you can be happy with +/- 30% gains over approximately a year’s time or so, right? I can see after looking through his various Inner Circle groups that they vary in returns from 29% (True Momentum) to -14.6 (Rebound Profit–options) over time periods ranging from about a month for the two options groups to about a year for Profits Unlimited (returning 19% to date). The thing that I don’t like about the idea of shelling out a few thousand dollars to belong to these various portfolio groups is the tendency to settle for a comfortable… Read more »
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