written by reader Navellier’s urgent new “Earnings Monster Stock”recommended Buy Alert

by Normally Dubious | May 3, 2019 3:11 pm

Anyone find out Navellier’s ”urgent new recommended buy alert” announced Friday May 3?
He doesn’t give much clues:

”I’d be willing to be that 99% of people seeing this message have never heard of this stock. It’s a real undiscovered gem.
The kind of stock that my system is famous for spotting.
It has all the same traits as our biggest winners…
It just earned a coveted AAA-rating from my system.
My research says it is about to deliver mind-blowing earnings.
And that it’s on the cusp of entering a hypergrowth phase.
But here’s the catch… the stock reports earnings Monday, so it’s critical that you act on this quickly if you are interested. ”

Promotion for this big announcement the day before said, ”Tomorrow morning the man that CNBC called the “Earnings Whisperer”
will release the name of his new recommended earnings-monster stock to buy now.”
The link just takes you back to the same April 25 broadcast Shocking Earnings Reversal presentation that
asks you for $1795 for a year of Accelerated Profits.

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