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By crasmu2, June 21, 2019

Does any one know what Swedish crypto mining company Nick Hodge is promoting and the ticker please!

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June 22, 2019 12:06 pm

This guest follower of Thinko spent a fair amount amount if time and effort in reverse engineering this Swedish stock due to its predicted relativity re. Rare Earth Metals and the US Prez potential releasing of the Strategic-use pronouncement under “order-‘232’, or ‘323’”!
This info on the LEMIF (ticker) stock only obliquely references Rare Earth metals mining, and it noted had ties to another older mining company now gone, its listed as “private!”

Although I read some stale pumping that still was recommending that now private ticker though probably defunct, company name could be UMICORE!”

The clickable “news” option on the TD Am. Mobile app offered info for this stock that I had ended up with was “LEMIF” “Leading Edge Materials”, the “news” info also explained there that this Company owns a Graphite Mine In Woxna, Sweden which mine they are planning on spinning off as a separate company potentially under that name “WOXNA,” [ Why? because as Swedish reported sources related-]it would rate as a start up under the EU sort of guidances for new essential industry companies and be eligible for governmental financial boosting (taxes ?cash?)
Another focused geographic area for key Swedish mining locations (15Km from Stockholm) is named , Skelleftea…possibly location of Lainejuar Project! Note names dropped here only to help validate things one may dig out!

BUT using my amateur sleuthing style word & “slipped-out thought” tracking, THAT planned-for graphite mine possibly to be named “WOXNA” is not yet. (as far as I can see), so though not yet up and running on its own the same words referencing it were used in Hodge’s stated mystery, phrase “deep in the Swedish forest,” so the phrase was used both by Hodge in this pumping documentation, and by folks closer to the official mining side involved in local promoting of the new company to be! So it could become a ticker named WOXNA, and since Sweden’s geology has all 17 rare earth metals present it just could be they are just dampening down the early birds getting to the deeper secret, than posted info on graphite mining!
Find it curious that the asking price for LEMIF is much higher than the bid or market price! ➡️Question! Do they think they are sitting on a much more valuable prospect than circumstances currently offer? Who knows, I am a midget investing amateur!
En route to these details above I found another stock involved in metals mining that somewhat tied in here, UURAF!
Then! Another earlier one I reverse pumped was the US owned Largo mine in Brazil re Vanadium, and another one of the same owner still starting up, but already listed and awaiting a “232” announcement in quite Rural Nebraska “NioCorp Elk Creek Project” prospected to contain some of the very rarest earth metals