written by reader Tiny $3 company getting set to sign contracts with the Pentagon / Casey Research / China Kill-Switch

by Normally Dubious | August 15, 2019 2:35 pm

From an ad inside someone else’s fodder, ”America’s #1 Technology in the Hands of Tiny $3 Company”
comes a 52 minute, non-forwardable-to-the-end video talking about how China has access to this
material that the US is dependent on, at times using the phrase ”China’s kill-switch”. Presenter Chris Reilly
eventually invokes the Nick Giambruno name and says that you can find out more in the
report ”De Fang (sic) the Red Dragon” (which it never asked me for an email to receive).
Eventually, they reveal that this is a promo for CRISIS INVESTING which normally sells for $3000 but is
discounted to $1795 and even offers a 90-day, money back ”Test Drive”. Of course, after the 52 minutes,
they do not actually reveal the name of the $3 company so we will need the Thinkolator, Should He Choose
To Accept This request, to take a shot at it.

Source URL: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2019/08/microblog-tiny-3-company-getting-set-to-sign-contracts-with-the-pentagon-casey-research-china-kill-switch/

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