written by reader What is Keith Fitzgerald’s new small defense company with plans to combat China’s new super sonic missiles?

By mangell, August 20, 2019

You see, while the media has been focused heavily on the threat of a trade war with China, we’ve been seeing threats of a very real war with China as well.

The truth of the matter is that the Chinese military, backed by the Chinese government, has been pushing forward with the creation of the newest class of missiles. These hypersonic weapons can fly as speeds of Mach 10, which means if one was launched in New York City, it could hit a target in Miami in under 12 minutes.

What’s more is that these weapons follow untraditional flight paths, meaning their routes are harder to predict… and therefore, harder to protect against.

The U.S. Navy, by its own admission, has no defense for any missiles that fly above a Mach 5, which means these Chinese superweapons give China the ability to defeat the U.S. on its own turf.

Of course, President Trump has taken steps to prevent an attack, and further measures to defend against these hypersonic missiles. As I type, there’s a tiny company that the President gave a generous portion of the $717 billion defense budget to.

This company has been working, not only on a set of superweapons of its own, but also, a way to defend America from this potentially deadly attack. Every day, they’re getting closer to a success, and if they do, it can create unprecedented windfalls for the little company – and anyone who’s following along.

It’s a perfect play to pad your portfolio, especially since it’s backed by one of our six Unstoppable Trends, War/Terrorism/Ugliness.

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