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by Lynn Clark, Stock Gumshoe | September 27, 2019 1:41 pm

Free readers….have you been wanting to upgrade to the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars and haven’t pulled the trigger? Wanna peek at Travis’ portfolio and get notified about his trades? Dying to get that sweet summary at the top of the articles? Like to try it for free?

An “impressed Irregular” has offered to pay to upgrade 5 of our free subscribers to the annual Irregulars subscription for a year. We’ve decided to hold a contest and hear your investment ideas and analysis.

Send us your own evaluation of a company/industry, or teaser solution, and we’ll review the entries, publish our favorites, and give the prize of an annual subscription to the top 5. It doesn’t need to be as long as one of Travis’ articles, just something you think is worth sharing with the class.

Submit your entry by October 15 to: The prizes are available to free readers only.

Please contact Lynn with any questions:

Let the games begin!

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  1. Avatar
    Sep 27 2019, 11:50:01 pm

    Hey Lynn, this is a great opportunity Thank-you!
    As a new “free subscriber” and a newbie to the whole world of trading stocks and options.
    This is not an official entry to the contest just a noted thank-you.

  2. Avatar
    Barb Gladfelter
    Sep 28 2019, 01:30:13 pm

    I’m already an irregular so I guess I’m not eligible for the contest, but I like the idea of writing a little about my ideas and getting some feedback. I do my own DCF analyses. I don’t think I’m skilled enough to write for pay, but I’d like to float a few ideas and get some feedback on individual company stocks.

  3. Avatar
    Sep 28 2019, 02:08:28 pm

    I too am an irregular. Have been for a long time. Love the Doctor Gumshoe reports too.would like to throw XXII into the ring as having a low nicotine cigarette, which may benefit from the hoo hah over vaping and potential government regulation of nicotine levels. Disclosure – I own some.

  4. Avatar
    Lois H Aring
    Sep 28 2019, 03:57:41 pm

    This isn’t necessarily an entry, just my thoughts. I paid for the BS touted by the so called Gurus more times than I care to remember, starting in 2013.I was a paid member of this one and that one, but got little out of their newsletters and there was always an”upgrade ” costing more to really get at the meat, if there was any.
    When I found Travis’ Gumshoe that looked through all the hype that I could not resist, I stopped buying. I have appreciated his honesty and vision and oh yes, his wit! I was a paid member but had to cut back on everything last year when my husband died. I always read and enjoy his thoughts if they apply to me or not.

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      Sep 29 2019, 06:20:33 pm

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    Jeff wheeler
    Sep 29 2019, 09:03:16 am

    Been a irregular, very much enjoy this newsletter and following. Make of course my own decisions have been very profitable. I think we could have a lot of resistance ahead. I feel now is a good time to think about things people have to have and I have noticed your own portfolio growing in REITs and solid returns if stock do have a dip if there are drips in place it just buys more

  6. Avatar
    Oct 1 2019, 05:28:59 am

    AMRN, AdCom for Viscera mid-Nov, PDUFA late Dec, outstanding results, much needed for Big Pharma pipelines, so likely a buyout, but their hockey stick acceptance on scripts could make them a GIA candidate. At any rate, I expect an easy double, but more likely a triple+. Some facts:
    Landmark Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Benefits Demonstrated in REDUCE-IT Are Largest of Any Major Cardiovascular Outcomes Study of a Drug Intended to Address Residual Cardiovascular Risk Remaining After Cholesterol Management
    Cardiovascular Death Reduced by 20%
    Fatal or Nonfatal Heart Attacks Reduced by 31%
    Fatal or Nonfatal Stroke Reduced by 28%
    Urgent or Emergent Coronary RevascularizationReduced by 35%
    Hospitalization for Unstable AnginaReduced by 32%
    Number Needed to Treat for Primary Composite Endpoint: 21
    Patient Years of Study Support Favorable Benefit/Risk Profile in REDUCE-IT
    Affordably Priced Vascepa Positions Amarin with Potential to Help Millions of Patients”

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