by trimtycoxnet | September 12, 2019 4:28 am

Can anyone give some advice on this investment approach. Came from a newsletter that wants $5K subscription that I will not pay.
Believe some of my fellow IRREGULARS might have some great advice here. Please advise how to invest in CANNIBUS LOTS, and your opinion and recent results from such investments. Thanks in advance for your valued assistance.

Terry Trim[1]


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      Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
      Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
      Sep 12 2019, 12:05:26 pm

      Call options on the few NY-listed marijuana companies (Canopy, Tilray, etc.) — like all call options, they’d be high-risk, high-reward and typically have a very short timeframe for success. You can usually get either a high probability of a winning trade, or a high return… not both.

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    Sep 12 2019, 11:42:01 am

    Cannabis Lots is a creative way of describing Options contracts. You purchase one contract in options that = 100 shares. Most of the smaller Cannabis Companies do not offer the choice to purchase options. The companies that have up-listed do. I have purchased option contracts on CGC.
    This is really another way of marketing options trading to you. I would guess the reason they are doing it is because most inexperienced traders tend to shy away from trading options and maybe they can get you to bite if they call it something else.

    I think the approach is wrong and irresponsible.

    Hope this helps Terry.

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