written by reader John Engel Editor, Stansberry Innovations Report September 2019…U.S. Gov’t Could Soon Replace Social Security Cards with “ID Coin” This hack-proof technology could be 20x bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple COMBINED. With expected market growth of 80,782% – this is likely your LAST chance to make a fortune from crypto technology.

By talktome, October 1, 2019

Dear Reader,

I know how much money you have.

I know your wife’s name… your pet’s name… and the name of the street you grew up on.

I know where you live… where you’re vacationing next summer… whether you’ve been sick recently, and, if so, what hospital you went to.

I know almost everything about you.

And it’s all because of this 34-digit code:


At a glance, it may not look like much…

But this 34-digit code is the newest development in Bitcoin technology… and contains almost every known piece of data about your identity, pulled from your bank records… real estate records… birth certificate… insurance statements… flight and hotel records… the DMV… the IRS… the FBI… you name it.

Does that worry you?

It worried me too – at first.

For example, have you ever done business with any of these companies?







Bank of America











J.P. Morgan Chase


Home Depot



Anthem Insurance




Office of Personnel Management

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

State governments of Texas, Massachusetts, and South Carolina

If so, I can almost guarantee that ALL records of your life… every known piece of data about you… is currently in the hands of a computer hacker.

But here’s the good news…

Beginning this year, a new breakthrough crypto-based technology could end all forms of computer hacking as we know it… and end the need to ever have a traditional password again.

With this technology, NO ONE – besides you – will ever “own” your data again, even temporarily.

In fact, there won’t even be a single place for hackers to go looking, like there is today.

And everything that matters to you will be secured by mathematical algorithms that even quantum computers can’t crack.

Codes that, unlike a password, are “impossible to reverse engineer,” according to Forbes.

I call this brand-new technology “ID Coin.”

And I expect that beginning soon, infants will get issued their ID Coin code in the hospital the day they’re born… like a Social Security number.

Your ID Coin code will follow you your entire life.

It’ll be tied to every paycheck… every tax bill… every investment… every doctor visit. And will soon be more important than your passport… your bank details… even your fingerprint.

That’s because this technology secures everything about your life, with a remarkable new code that CAN NEVER BE HACKED… by anyone.

You may find that hard to believe… but ID Coin is based on a completely new type of technology…

The Pentagon
Computers a million times more powerful than today still couldn’t crack ID Chain’s code. No wonder the White House and the Pentagon are interested…

…one so powerful that “the Pentagon and U.S. NATO allies have been moving discreetly but aggressively” to adopt ID Coin to “dramatically improve security,” according to The Washington Times.

Technology firm Edgy Labs reports that even quantum computers a million times more powerful than what we have today can’t crack the algorithm that secures ID Coin.

That’s why I’m vir