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By enginer, December 4, 2019

Most of us have no time for unproven, speculative ventures. Others, like myself, semi-retired, are interested in ”The Next Big Thing.” Usually, with no profit.
Well, if true, this ”Thing” will rival the invention of the steam engine in importance. The book ”Lost History” -by Steven B. Krivit” gives the 1905 to 1927 history of amateur and professional investigations of low-energy nuclear transmutations. Something like the disastrous publicity surround the Fleischman and Pons revelations around 1987 from the University of Utah, but with better documentation.
It seems that after Niels Bohr’s work in 1912 to the rush to the 1927 study fission reactions leading up to the Manhattan Project, numerous researchers were looking at what some would call ”cold fusion,” the merging of atoms with the tremendous pressures and temperatures at the center of the sun.
Well, it’s back. Ignoring the the Pons debacle. It seems that stripping the electrons from atoms as occurs in the formation of a Plasma produces a situation where, under the right conditions, hydrogen and transmute to helium, with a great release of energy, without the messiness of overcoming the coulomb barrier. OK, stop there. You can look this up on your own. Several of the researchers have found transmutations forming Beryllium and other elements. Good references for you semi-retired folk would be The Electric Sun Theory, The SAFIRE Project, and https://e-catworld.com/.
My point? On November 30, 2019, one of these cold fusion nuts, one with a speckled reputation, claimed to produce 80% electricity and 20% heat from a catalyzed reaction, some think to between Lithium 7 and hydrogen. The importance is, he claims his device powered itself. So, net power. A COP of essentially infinity. Think of a steam engine with almost no fuel input, and no steam. Wow.
Do I think this is real? Yes. What is my basis? Thousands of hours of reading and study, Long history of doubting the next big thing. As a registered Professional Engineer, I cannot ”stamp” this thing and say that it works. But I think that it is likely. For the announcement, in enthusiast’s terms, see https://e-catworld.com/2019/11/24/statement-of-andrea-rossi-we-did-it-obtained-permanent-self-sustaining-mode/

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Is “E-Cat- Rossi System” claiming to be “cold fusion”? E-Cat World is unclear on that.


I have read a bit and watched some videos / interviews on the E-Cat / Rossi system / cold fusion. I think it is just important to know what’s going on. Cold fusion (LENR – Low- Energy Nuclear Reactions) is coming. It is real, and oil, solar, wind know their day to make money is now. We should have cold fusion power plants online in 5 years or so and then small cold fusion appliances in our homes to provide all the power we need within 10 years plus. In the next decade, everything you know about energy is going… Read More ยป